ACET: Worries of an older sister over her younger brother’s results

Last week, I had my immersion (a blog post I’ll save for another day) and it struck me while on my trip there that the results for Ateneo were coming out then. Turns out later, the results weren’t due until this week.

I’m crossing my fingers for later. The online results are going to come out in about 12 hours, though a good number of my friends have already seen the results for their younger siblings who are in their 4th year of High School. I’m praying that my shoti (the older of my 2 younger brothers) gets into the Ateneo. We’re not technically a family of Ateneans since my parents didn’t go to the Ateneo, but we’ve got a lot of relatives that went to this school. On that list where you write down the number of relatives that you have that have gone to the Ateneo, we can probably name more than 20-30 people, so its pressuring to have to get in.

As an older sister, I’m of course worried for my younger brother. It doesn’t help that his 2 older sisters are Ateneans, because his being the eldest boy too probably also has him gunning to get in. I want him to get in, but if he doesn’t (though I doubt he won’t since he’s suppose to be smarter than me and my sister) since he had mentioned that he didn’t do too well with the Entrance Exam due to poor time management on his part, I’ll be sad but not too iffy about it. Haha, what am I saying, I have to think positively! Of course he’ll get in!

Here’s to me crossing my fingers. To those who are also gunning to get into the Ateneo, best of luck to you all as well.

Results will be out here.


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