Ending 2009

I’ve missed out on a few journal entries for Christmas and other such recent events. Haha. Recently, I just haven’t felt like writing about anything, just the normal plurking/tweeting/tumblring has sufficed.

Fireworks outside. They’ve been going on for the past couple of days now, random fireworks and/or gunshots. I can’t really tell the difference. It is scary though, when you think of the possibility of it being gunshots rather than fireworks. Then again, this is a safe community where I live, more or less, so I’d rather believe they’re just fireworks.

A couple of days ago, 2 fires broke out near my area. One on the street where my best friend lives, and one in a village where a few of my friends live. The first was the one where my best friend lives. Wasn’t freaking out so much since the first time I had heard about the fire, people said it was in a grocery shop and since it was past 9  in the evening, I wasn’t worrying so much about it since it was suppose to be closed. After a few discussions with friends on plurk, I found out that it was actually a condo that was on fire, and it started with R which was coincidentally the first letter of the condo where my best friend lives. So here I am, freaking out and calling up my besh on the phone. Turns out, the fire is at her place, on the opposite tower. Luckily, by the time I called, the fire had already been put out and as far as I heard, there weren’t any casualties though some of the sparks from the building crossed over to their tower and some hit the passers-by below.

The other fire in a village, from what my mom told me, was at the house of the best friend of the mom of my mom’s acquaintance. The day after the fire, I found out that “that house”  belonged to the brother of my dad’s cousin-in-law’s brother. There were 2 casualties. The mom and the daughter. So basically, my 2nd cousins’ aunt and first cousin. Sad really, especially with Christmas having just ended and New Year’s just right around the corner. Heard that the fire began from the Christmas lights again, which reminds me so much of the fire that happened around 3 years ago to a batchmate of mine from the all-boys high school across from my all-girls high school.

In other news, since 2009 is ending, I’ve counted the numbers of books I’ve read this year based on my 50Leaves Project and it comes to a total of 19 books for the year. It seems like a lot for some people, but for me who was able to read more than 200 books in my 4 years of High School, this is such a let down. Oh well, priorities are acads and other school-related stuff, so casual reading was not something I could do a lot. Oh well, 2010 is just around the corner. Hope I’ll be able to read more books then!

2 months till the end of my studies. Hopefully, will be graduating in March with my batchmates.

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010. Please be good to me!

New Years Resolution

1) Will not make the same obviously stupid mistakes I did in 2009

2) Have more confidence in myself and my abilities


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