It comes at every year, no experience guaranteed

Part of me can’t believe it’s Christmas tomorrow. I wonder why, since leaving my “childhood” age, Christmas has begun to feel a lot less like Christmas.

Last Tuesday was Arrozcaldo Night once again at my HS org, so went to my niece’s house where I waited for my org friends to arrive from their Caroling session before we spent the entire night making Arrozcaldo for the Simbang Gabi morning session at our Church on the 23rd. It was great though I got a little stressed out with the cooking a couple of times and had to take a drink with some of my friends who were lounging about outside the house and not helping out with the cooking. Kind of nagged those guys a couple of times since 2 of them went to cooking school and didn’t bother helping me at all till I nagged them to no end.

Either way, the food turned out okay, though it was “malapot”. Hm. Malapot would mean….thick I guess in English. Pardon, my Tagalog isn’t that good so I don’t know how to translate some words, but I guess that would be how you’d describe our arrozcaldo. It’s suppose to be of a soupy texture than a porridge-y one, which was how it came out. Also, we had a lot left over than the usual so that was a first for me in the 5 years that I’ve been there to help out with our annual org event. 🙂

And we ended our “event” with the traditional Mcdonalds Breakfast nearby. It was so much awesome though after a night of no rest, you’d expect sleep but no…I accompanied my friend (my age) who had to bring some of the High School-ers home. I rode with him in the car and accompanied him as he brought everyone home. Despite me being sleepy, I tried to keep him awake as well since we were both tired. It helps that we’re neighbors so after everyone was done, we just headed in the same direction.

That night of no-sleep though, plus chauffeur-ing everyone around, resulted in me arriving home around 11am and I slept till late last night. Gah, the tutorial center behind my house isn’t helping though since they had a karaoke session and a Christmas Party awhile ago. It doesn’t help that my room is nearest to their place so I can hear the music and the shouting clearly.


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