My Starbucks 2010

As most of you might already know, I already have my Starbucks 2010 planner! Yey! It’s all thanks to my friend Bong (check his blog on my links tab at the right side of my blog page) who offered me his Starbucks card which had a ton of stickers already on it. He had already gotten his planner a few weeks back and was already quickly filling in a new card so it was very kind of him to offer his to me.

So together with my card which had a few stickers on it, plus his, all I needed was one more sticker to finally get my planner. I rushed to the Starbucks branch closest to me at that time, which was the one at Robinson’s Galleria (me and a few blogger friends were at Goodles having dinner) and bought my last remaining drink before I traded my cards in for my planner. Luckily, I was able to get the planner cover I had wanted.

Actually, a few weeks back, me and my blockmates were discussing the Starbucks planners. A friend of mine, Jayvee, had gotten the cover he wanted. He got the berry cover with a furry surface. Me and my other blockmate weren’t into the cover design, but as soon as my other blockmate saw how nice the cover of the “Berry” one was, she decided to shift her aim at that planner cover instead and got it a few days after. Me on the other hand,  I much prefer the “Roast” cover, even without the furry feel. I actually like how the cover feels, it’s quite classic, and a little on the serious side.

Seriously, I cannot imagine myself without a planner. Even with my Nokia E63 phone, where I place all my schedules for meetings and such, I still cannot live without a planner. Here, I pencil in all my small things like quizzes, details to meetings and deadlines, birthdays, things I’ve done and such. I cannot imagine a life without a planner by my side, and for the past 5 years, my planner has always been a Starbucks planner.

Oh and yes, I’m very much OC. Haha.


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