Christmas Break: Day 1

It’s finally Christmas break and I ended the “year” with a Christmas Party with my org friends. Actually, there was a lunch for my friend’s birthday awhile ago, but due to my recent bout of cough, colds, sore throat and that ever intrusive monthly visitor, I wasn’t able to wake up in time to attend.

Either way, I’m breathing a heavy sigh of relief that I have a break to do the things that I need to do. Early this week, I had to submit the first draft for my thesis paper, which I can honestly say is very much lacking. Compared to my thesis proposal which I had submitted last semester (about 2 months ago), there were many parts that had to either be replaced or removed so practically my thesis paper has to start from semi-scratch. This break, my goal is to re-edit the parts that I’ve written so far since I can afford the time to do so, as well as add on the parts that I can add on which I wasn’t able to include into the first draft. Also, I have to do some content analysis for my paper, which I have to do this Christmas break, or else I’m screwed. Plus 2 midterm oral examinations on the first week back from school next year, both on the same day. One for my Theology class, the other for my Philosophy class. It’s surely gonna be a treat. Note the sarcasm please.

For the Christmas season, I always dread its coming since I never really know what to get my friend’s for Christmas. Sometimes, I just end up buying them food since it makes it a whole lot easier not to think about their individual wishes and such. It doesn’t help that people answer “You can get me anything” whenever you ask them for what they want. Either way, the mall closest to where I live is one of the “hotspots” for Christmas shopping, so going there anytime before Christmas would be suicide. The best time to go there would probably be around end of December to early January, if I have the time and money to still buy my special friends a gift. Poor me, since my personality is the kind that wishes to get everyone a gift. Would seriously do so if I could afford it.

Also, besides today marking the first day of Christmas break, today is also the 22nd wedding anniversary of my parents. Whoopdedoo. To make it something that can be remembered, it’s my age plus one year. Sometimes, I can’t imagine that my parents have already been together for 22 years. Then I look back on my own life, and still can’t help imagine that I’m 21 already. Haha.

Time really flies by quickly. Looking back at everything here, it sometimes strikes me as odd how I’m close to graduating from college. Who knew time would pass me by so quickly?


4 comments on “Christmas Break: Day 1

  1. Think positive, you! *throws sock* D:

    1. List the things you need to get done.
    2. Order them from most to least important.
    3. Tape list to forehead.
    4. Start tackling them one by one.

    • Tape list to forehead! I love it. Haha.
      I once saw this small comic strip somewhere about things that should be invented, and it included a hat with a protruding claw like thing that would hold your TTD for the day in front of your face so you’d never forget to do it. 😀

      • Haha, sounds like something from out of Inspector Gadget. I know a person who (had someone) stuck sticky notes all over the place to remind herself. Like, wake up and there would be one on her ‘phone, reach to grab her clothes and there would be some there too, walk to the door and there’s one on the knob, and it goes on and on. Hehe. You’ll get through this, I know you can do it. *salutes* :3

        Hope you have a merry Christmas and smiles throughout the New Years!

  2. @ Khyoon:
    Haha, I wouldn’t want to waste my sticky notes that way though 😦 But I love to put alarms into my cellphone to remind me to do things I forget.

    You too! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

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