New addition to the household

Being in asthmatic family sucks because ever since I was born, we all knew we couldn’t have furry dogs or pets that could cause an asthma attack. Ever since I was a baby, all of our dogs have usually been dachshunds because their short hairs make it possible for us to get used to them.

Had a beagle once named Blanca, but she got stolen from us around 10 years ago. Then around 8 years ago, my dad agreed to let us have a Labrador Retriever whom I fondly named Taka ( I originally wanted to name him Tamahome since I had – and still do – have a crush on this character from Fushigi Yuugi, but the doctor said Tamahome is too long a name).

A week ago, we welcomed a new dog to our house. A shitzu me and my sister have decided to call, Russell. Russ for short. The great thing about Russell is that though he looks like a furry dog, he’s a house dog and his hair doesn’t fall off like our other dogs, which makes it easier to keep him in the house. Unlike Taka who’s pretty big and has to stay outside, or our dachshunds whom we can only keep in certain areas of our house because of their falling hair, Russell has been brought upstairs a couple of times.

He’s soooooo adorable. We all absolutely adore him, though we can already see his being “spoiled”. Oh, and he is still teething so he likes to bite us whenever we hold him. Playfully of course.

Oh yes, FYI, our family just loves dogs. Currently, our house is home to 2 dachshunds, 1 lab retriever and 1 shitzu while we have 2 dachshunds watching over my dad’s shop. At one point, we had 7 dogs at home, 6 dachshunds and 1 lab retriever. When I was young, we once had 9 dogs at home, if I remember correctly.

The adorable baby!


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