Good News, Bad News

Just yesterday, I was able to convince my Philosophy professor that it would be in his (and my) best interests to allow me to take the long exam in English instead of Tagalog/Filipino. The story behind this, I found out last week that I had signed up for a Filipino Philosophy class, instead of my usual English one. My stand, even if Filipino Philosophy class is suppose to be ‘easier’, my comprehension and ability to express myself (for Philosophy) in Tagalog is a lot worse. Even if English Philosophy class is a lot harder, at least I can understand the explanations and notes. Well, I don’t know if it was my mistake since I clearly remember enlisting for an English class, but I was fretting about this specific class of mine since the prof mentioned it was okay to answer the quizzes in either Filipino/English, but the long exams had to be done in Filipino.

So yes, I was freaking out like heck. Imagine my confusion last week when I realized that the class was a Filipino class. I had an “Oh, that’s why” moment. Realized why some of my classmates were making their analyses (to our readings) in Filipino, and why my professor had both Filipino and English notes (predominantly the former). Sad thing is that even the simplest of words were alien to me. Not to say that I don’t understand Filipino, because I do. I just don’t understand complicated words that go outside of the basic conversational Filipino. Words used in class like “pagkikilatis” are foreign to me.

Basically, convinced my professor that my taking the long exam in Filipino would mean that…

1. My Filipino would be somewhat incomprehensible because I don’t have good grammar when it comes to writing in Filipino.

2. My long exam would consist of redundant more-or-less-basic Filipino words that would fail at trying to explain a Philosophical idea.

3. Writing in Filipino, for me, takes forever. I have a tendency to translate all Filipino thoughts into English then back to Filipino when responding. Most especially when I write! I think about the thoughts in English, and usually write out an interesting English essay, then persevere to translate it into Filipino from there. FAIL.

Good News: Prof agreed to let me take the exams in English. Yay! Understanding prof!! A burden has been lifted from my shoulders!

In recent news in the Philippines, a most heinous crime has occurred. Recently, there was a murder of about 30+ people in Maguindanao (in the Mindanao islands), some were innocent women, some were lawyers (women included) and some journalists. From what I read on the internet news, one of the political figures was running for re-election or something like that. Thing is, the place where he had to apply for re-election was in the area of his rival, and since political clashes are rampant here, he decided to send his wife and sister in his stead since they were Muslims and he had believed that they wouldn’t be hurt since Islam has a rule against hurting/killing women (or something like that).

Accompanied by some journalists, lawyers, the group headed for the place where they would apply for the said politician. On the way, the group was kidnapped! After that, I read a couple more things. Turns out, some of the members of the group were beheaded, some were shot, the women were sexually assaulted and such.


Sometimes, I really don’t understand these things. People go to such means to attain their political goals. Election fraud is prevalent enough as it is, political massacres are another thing too. Oh and yes, the killing of journalists, that’s a pretty big thing here as well. This is why my mom heartily (if you could describe it as such) discouraged me from taking Communication Arts when I was applying for my university, since one of the tracks was Journalism and she knew how much I wanted to be a Journalist since I was little. Well, I can understand how my mom feels about protecting me but sometimes, one must speak the truth, even if the whole world decides to shun the truth for conveniences’ sake.

Okay, straying from the point. In my opinion, it’s such a disgrace that the Philippines calls itself a country that has the freedom of speech. Sure, people here have rallies and voice out their opinions. But deep down, people who do so end up in body bags tossed in some empty field, or some other disgraceful show of anti-rebellion tactics. It’s sad. How can a country that has so many free speakers, suffer from such inhumane acts. No person deserves that kind of punishment. Political conflicts should be settled in elections, fair and square. If a person is a good politician, someone who serves the country and the people, and does what is best for the people, then surely he/she will be re-elected for their position. But if a person abuses their power, then begone with you. This country does not need selfish people like that. The same goes with journalism. Freedom of the press. There will always be truth and lies in journalism, but somehow the truth will always come out and no matter who you silence to keep a secret, bad things will always surface.

It may be an idealistic kind of thinking. If there’s one thing I learned in Philosophy and Theology class, its Justice and Good. It’s sad how schools teach and underline these values and morals for their students, but not all students embrace these things when they eventually graduate. The school can only teach a person so much, the rest is of course up to each individual.

Sometimes I wonder. Do these people who do wrong, have a conscience? How are they able to sleep at night, knowing that their hands are covered with the blood of some innocent person. Even if a person is not innocent, it does not mean that one should take the matter into their own hands. The law has become something we’ve not relied on anymore, because it’s so corrupt. True. Even I sometimes believe that the law is incapable of helping the people. The thing that is suppose to protect us, ends up hurting us. It’s sad really, how we live in this world full of ironies and lies.


8 comments on “Good News, Bad News

  1. well to be honest political killings are a trend on such regions like mindanao. so to state even some are modernized still we have to tell people are people. we do have committed 7 mortal sins and still not satisfied. and to think its kinda tiring to see this on the news. i already believed this word from a show/movie i’ve watched “humans are the only species on this world who would kill its own kind for his/her own purpose”.

    • It’s funny how such acts are inhumane but as you say, humans are the only ones who do these. Maybe, it should be called inanimalistic or something like that. Still, even if it’s a trend, it doesn’t mean it’s right. Right? If the whole world did what was wrong, it would still never be right.

      You know, I’m really tired of seeing these things in the news too. All these killings, all these problems, they’re too common that we become somewhat apathetic when these things do occur. It’s sad.

      • well to be honest its already part of the human chain. to change it we must kill it from the roots. i want to say its kinda stupid of them to kill each other. even showing it on child in front of there tender eyes this violence and hatred between peoples principles and practice.

        the world is already insane so if we need to change it…. its going to be a long battle.

  2. @Gunslinger08: I think, saying that it’s part of the human chain is a bad thing. It’s as if, it’s just “natural” for us to do these kinds of things. We shouldn’t be so natural with it just because it’s such a common occurrence here in the Philippines.

    But yeah, we have to destroy such things from the root. The Philippines has so many problems, but if we slowly tackle each one, I’m sure we will rise up and go beyond our limits.

  3. @dolldalera well sorry for the term “human chain” on my last reply its really ticking me off once i hear news from CNN or from a local news (preferred GMA7). our ancestors do cause this bloodsheds and to think why will they fight if there’s no reason. politics is a dirty game itself that’s why i do have this as a challenge to incoming politicians.

    and i do agree on the charter change if we do have the government has a complete overhaul. the constitution, the ruling, etc. must be changed. i read several articles on the constitution and its also having contradictions on the presidential decrees, house bills and even senate bills.

    so i see changes on our country so slim that even if i die its still the same thing.

    • I hate politics. I hate being involved in politics. No matter how much we try to escape from it, we can’t because it’s our moral obligation to be participants. We can’t turn a blind eye to all these lies and problems, because inevitably we will be the ones to suffer. But to be too participative places ourselves and our loved ones at a risk.

      Either way, we end up getting affected.

  4. yeah that’s why i do have a silent protest against it. i’m not doing it in blogs yet (busy on my cramped chair at work… <_<). so if i got time i can update it as i can just spreading this horrible news.

    and just for the record we're great on some aspects but the government is really pulling us down. one aspect of vote buying MONEY MATTERS!!!! its sad but its true that's why we have businesses shut down, our skilled employees migrate and we always allow other countries to manipulate our decisions and lives.

    i already hate the monopoly of everything. its so sad i never taken law school and got an IT course (local public school) because of my sad financial background. so that's why i ask for a radical change unbound us from the tyrant of 1st world countries.

    • You know, money may matter but it is not the only thing that matters.

      I don’t believe we should also label 1st world countries as tyrants. We shouldn’t be quick to blame them for the things that are happening to us now. Even without being bound to first world countries, I’m sure a lot of the problems we have now will still occur. It’s our own lack of discipline that we should blame.

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