Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Kindly note, the following entry is of the author’s personal opinion.

On the way home tonight, I heard Erap on the radio acknowledging his candidacy for the 2010 presidential elections. (FYI for those from abroad, Joseph “Erap” Estrada was the 13th President of the Philippines who was ousted a couple of years back because of a corruption case. He was replaced by the current president – Gloria Macapagal Arroyo [GMA] – who was his Vice-President then and who ran for re-election and won after Erap’s term ended) Basically, he was saying a lot of what I believed to be jibberish. He was stating in Tagalog (if I had understood correctly), how he was deprived of his family, friends and the people while he was imprisoned. I mean, come on, you don’t expect to be in the luxury of all your friends and family if you’re accused of a crime and deemed guilty for it. And it was not only the Court of Law who had deemed him guilty, the people went against him during the Second People Power Revolution as well. Erap was lucky enough that due to health conditions, he was under house arrest and not rotting in some crummy jail cell somewhere in Muntinlupa. If someone else had been guilty of his crime, they’d be in Muntinlupa or worse, but him being the former president, he was given special treatment.

What got me thinking was how come this former president, who was ousted from his position because of a serious crime, is deciding to run again for the same position – the highest position in the land. I understand how a lot of people “change” after they realize their mistake, or if we give him the benefit of the doubt, he wants to redeem himself – who was wronged in the eyes of the people. But come on, common sense dictates that you don’t run for the same position from which you were ousted, or more logically speaking, the highest position in the land. No offense, but it’s just plain wrong. If you want to redeem yourself, you run for a different position, not for presidency. Maybe a smaller position, like Mayor or something like that, but not ruler of the friggin country.

What aggravates me even more is how a lot of people are being supportive. I read a few weeks back somewhere that a lot of people are voting for him due to pity. That’s plain wrong. You vote for your president out of pity?! What kind of sick world would that be based on? Even if you feel pity for someone, think logically! In the end, if you vote for the wrong person, the one who should be pitied is the entire country which will suffer from the mistake of the people.

I don’t know if Erap is allowed to run, though he says that people from legal fields have said he’s allowed to do so. More so, is he allowed to take the position?! Shouldn’t there be a law in the constitution that dictates that if you oust someone because of a serious crime, said person should not be allowed to run for any position, and in our case, not the presidency.

Where is the world coming to?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The country should learn from its mistake and not go wasting good votes on people who have already had their chance in the past.

Plus, the whole reason Erap is probably running is because he was pardoned by GMA. It’s kind of ironic really. Erap gets ousted and during the 2nd People Power Revolution, he gets replaced by GMA. GMA finishes Erap’s term and runs for re-election and wins. Nearing the end of her term (more or less), she decides to pardon the former president for his crime.

I wonder where the heck the Philippines is heading for.

Sleeping soon, I need to go to COMELEC tomorrow to register for Voters Registration. I know, I’ve put it off this long. I hope I wake up and get to City Hall early enough. Please, don’t let there be long lines tomorrow~


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