Annual Birthday Wishlist 2009


  • Anything with crosses and skulls, accessories most especially 🙂
  • Books! I’d love romance novels, or Pride and Prejudice sequel books ( I have Mr Darcy Presents his bride, and Mr Darcy takes a wife). I like any fictional books though~
  • Anything Japan/China/Taiwan/Korea related. 🙂
  • Taiwanese Drama (Romance-Comedy) dvd’s (with English subs please)
  • Unique/Creative notebooks/pens/anythings~
  • Boots or Scarves~ (Size 6/36)
  • Kerropi-related anything
  • Anything that you think I’d like 😀
  • MANGA (not mangga/mango, mind you)
  • Anime figures!
  • Super creative usb like the ones over here
  • Food, like peanuts, or chocolates, or whatnot~
  • Money to go shopping >w<

Haha, that’s pretty much it. I’m so predictable, I ask for the same things every year~ XD


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