Life Updates

Things going on recently.

Thesis professor has decided to extend the deadline of our thesis proposal once again, in light of the recent flooding which affected many people in the Metro. From October 9-October 12. A few extra days to submit. Technically, as I’m writing this paper, it should be due later but it’s not. I have an extra weekend to sort things out.

My Chinese Painting is being shown at the MVP Basement. I’d show you a picture, but I’m really not proud of my work. A lot of people commented on it and said it looked nice, but personally, I know it sucks. I admit that I didn’t spend too much time on it, but then in light of everything……yeah. Oh, and I hate the surface I have to work at home with. It sucks. Plus I realized something, painting bamboos on rice paper is really difficult if you don’t have a good surface to work with. Maybe, I should stick to orchids. A lot of people mentioned how nice my orchids are. Yey.

Ateneo won the Basketball Seniors and Juniors cup for the UAAP! OMG HELL YEAH! Yey! This is our second year back-back championship for both the Seniors and Juniors Team! Which brings me to my next dilemma, check below…

Saturday = Chinese Painting Finals + Bonfire

Sunday = Pre-HSK HSK exam

Monday = Thesis Proposal Deadline

See the dilemma? 😦 I only just realized awhile ago that Sunday morning will be spent taking the exam. And as of now, I can’t concretely say that I’m almost done with my paper. I’m making progress yet, but I’m not quite there yet. Oh dang, okay. Off to stop procrastinating. It’s paper time.


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