Typhoon Ondoy, the aftermath (updated)

As most of you from abroad might have heard, the Philippines was visited by another typhoon this weekend. Nothing unusual, except for the fact that the typhoon poured a lot of rain. When I mean a lot, I mean a heck load of rain; the estimates for the amount of rain that poured in those 6 hours was equal to the amount of rain that usually falls in a month.

A lot of people in Metro Manila and the surrounding areas were deeply affected. In places like Rizal and Marikina, where the ground is nearer to the sea level, a lot of houses were instantly flooded with water (flash flood). Many people had to quickly escape to their rooftops, leaving behind many of their belongings. Many had to rush without thinking of bringing food or water or clothes, and ended up on their rooftops for up to a day or two (depending on how fast the rescue got to them, or how quickly the water receded in their area). Some families were lucky if they had 2nd floors because some of them could stay dry there. In other areas, even the 2nd floors were flooded. I’ve seen many videos and pictures of cars stalled on streets, cars that were submerged in the water, people who were on their roofs, people who tried to brave the waters, and other alarming images.

Though not many people perished (as of now, about 100+), many families had to evacuate from their homes. It was really sad to see all those families who suffered deeply, and even many personal friends of mine were affected. Disasters like this seem so distant when it usually happens, but this time, it was more than just distant.

As of now, we’re all trying to help our fellow Filipinos who had suffered deeply in this disaster.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

For those who wish to help victims, kindly refer to my mom’s blog entry for a rundown of ways to help.

For paypal donations (even for people abroad) kindly refer here.

Donating to Manila from abroad.

A compilation of almost everything you need to know about Typhoon Ondoy, at Ondoy Manila.

Other important announcements (will try to update as regularly as I can):

Please watch for the prices of food in wet and dry markets and report any incident of overpricing to 0917-806-3473, the DTI hotline.

National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) Emergency Numbers:912-5668, 911-1406, 912-2665 Help hotlines:734-2118, 734-2120.

Most needed for Ateneo Task Force Ondoy are: 1) Alcohol, 2) Slippers, 3) Canned goods, and 4) Food for volunteers. Those who wish to donate or volunteer are welcome to go to the College Covered Courts, where they will be directed, assisted, and briefed.

URGENT: As of midnight  (Sept 29-30) Ateneo needs: Children’s clothes, slippers/footwear, underwear, sanitary napkins, alcohol and toiletries. Also, noodles, crackers and water (preferably in a 250ml bottle).

For places without medical assistance, kindly fill out the ASMPH Ondoy relief form~ http://bit.ly/18upz

Help needed at Payatas. Corpses all over….lacks media attention. Please repost so others can also take action.

Other Websites:



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