Tears for the Heart

Sometimes, most of the time, it’s hard being alone and enduring pain alone. We tend to think we’re alone, but friendships are important because when we have friends with us, things don’t seem to be as hard as they they used to. Having friends around is really a great thing.

The great thing I’ve come to learn from my philosophy class and from life experiences, is that we sometimes have to endure pain to be able to learn new things. Not everything “evil”/painful that happens to us, is necessarily something which won’t produce something good. And yet, each painful thing hurts, sometimes so badly that we just want it to go away, and sometimes we wish that it had never happened. But after a while, those painful things just don’t hurt anymore, and we become stronger people.

Human life. There is so much to it.

In other news, just finished writing a poem…hope you guys like it. Leave your comments/critiques below.

Let my tears fall on the seed
from where my heart shall grow again.
Let the pain and the hurt
bring forth a stronger heart
that won’t wither quickly
when it is no longer loved.
Let it grow taller than ever before,
let it grow bigger and wider
and let it cover more ground.
Let this heart reach high,
high into the sky,
let it dream immense dreams
and be loved by many people.
So if ever it one day withers again,
let not my tears be the only one
nurturing the seed;
let those it has loved,
and those that had loved it in return
give birth to a stronger heart.


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