So blah!

Kindly visit my tumblr site!

Yeah, I know I’m advertising, I’m rather out-of-it at the moment.


2 comments on “So blah!

  1. Drunk from too much architecture? :3

    What’s Tumblr like as a blogging place? It feels like Twitter but not entirely. It also feels like Livejournal but not entirely. And it feels like Flickr too but not entirely.

    • Yes, too much architecture love on tumblr! XD

      I don’t feel like tumblr’s a lot like a blogging place. It’s like DA, but it’s not. It’s like Twitter in the sense that you can easily re-post and re-blog, share, and follow someone. But most of all, I feel it’s like flickr, but less personal, maybe. XD

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