B Free with SMART

Today was the day for the SMART B Free Day at Mega Tent in Pasig City. After being encouraged to go by my friend Rezy, who works at Smart, I found out that I couldn’t go because I had a 9-12nn class. SMART was giving away free UAAP& NCAA dongles to the teams’ schools, with a specific design per school.

Wear school colors. Bring your school ID. Be a current student of one of the participating schools. That were the requirements to get a free dongle from SMART. After my 12nn class, I found out from my mom that many Ateneans still hadn’t gotten their dongles, so I tried to rush (against the ACET traffic, I may add) towards the venue from school. I arrived there a little before 1 maybe, and met up with my mom to get my dongle.

Each student will have indelible ink on their finger to keep them from getting more than one dongle. Ew, covering my pimple with the finger that has the indelible ink. Ugly stress marks.

Sim + Dongle

Sim card from SMART (for the dongle) and my most awesome BLUE EAGLES dongle. Oh yeah! ONE BIG FIGHT!


ONE BIG FIGHT dongle! Woot~

What was awesome too was there were cheerdancers there from the different schools. I found out from my mom that the Blue Eagles basketball team had been there earlier. Gah, I missed it since I was at school. There were also some bands playing, and even bumped into the ever-lovable friend and fellow blogger, Kuya Azrael Coladilla, and mom’s blogger friend JP Manahan. And my favorite Magic 89.9‘s Slick Rick, Mo Twister  and Sam YG were there! Too bad that soon after I arrived, I had to leave, since all of us hadn’t had our lunch yet.

I also stopped by the Level-Up Games booth and got a free Flyff plus Hello Kitty Online cd. Ohhhhhhhhhh Kerropi! >w< I don’t get why it’s Hello Kitty when all the characters are from Sanrio~ haha.

Despite it starting out as a seriously whacked out day (I was awake by 7 and at school by 820) it ended up well. ❤


2 comments on “B Free with SMART

  1. great to see you there and glad that you made it to the event… ang init grabe dun hahahaa.

    congrats for the new toy 🙂

    sorry that i rushed up on stage to catch up my sister who went wild when Hale performed on stage ahahaha

    • Haha, yeah Kuya Az! Sobrang rush from school to venue, and collided with ACET traffic! At least, it was better that we endured the heat then the flood (which I heard was what happened about 2 hours after we left). I’d endure the heat over the rains any day. 🙂

      New toy = hasn’t been used yet. I think I’ll use it for acads-related work if ever!

      No problem! it was great seeing you there~ *hug*

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