In need of a kit-kat.

Can’t believe it’s already September. Thesis proposal deadline looms even nearer, and my blockmate’s constant instant messages regarding an update on my status with my thesis, has not been helpful.

Yesterday, I finished editing and revising the collaboration article I have with a friend of mine for our organization’s magazine. It was overdue by about 3 days so we were rushing to submit it to our editor-in-chief. I had spent the entire morning to mid-afternoon out of the house for a class (in the morning) and a trip to Camp Suki (a place where they rent out different kinds of costumes and such) for my graduation creative shot. My original idea for a music box creative shot was what I was really gunning for. It was something sentimental since I originally wanted to embed a picture of the music box my grandmother had given me, with my picture. Me and my sister were fretting a whole lot since we couldn’t find a costume that fit the specific shot I was going for. In the end, I chose a different styled dress and decided to change my creative shot as well. In actuality, the end creative shot I chose was an idea I had conceptualized early on in the school year (before I saw the extravagant shots my batchmates had for their own shots). Ironic much?

I was thankfully also able to spend the afternoon till mid-evening editing more yearbook write-ups. It was a productive day for me indeed. As well, I was able to spend a part of my evening with a friend of mine who used to teach at my university, as well as with another friend of mine. We tried out this new eatery – Ristras, near our place, after dropping by Cafe Ysabel (a restaurant also near our place) to have some cake and to meet up with the professor. It was an interesting evening altogether.

A much needed break from the past couple of stressful days where I didn’t get much sleep.

Also, as it turns out, there aren’t any classes on Monday because it’s some sort of Ramadan holiday. I still have to head to school for a group shoot with my high school batchmates, but I can expect to get more sleep. Thankfully. I guess I’ll be able to stay up later tonight as well, to edit more write-ups.

Gah, the workload never seems to end, does it? 😦

P.S. I’ll try to upload a picture of me in my creative shot, as well as in my costume for our editorial board group shot, and females of the editorial board group shot. It’ll be hilarious, I bet.


5 comments on “In need of a kit-kat.

  1. Such a busy girl! I have so much stuff to do myself too. It’s a relief to have finally finished our article. It was great working with you. 😀

    I’m so interested to join AEGIS in my senior year too (if my workload allows me xD)

    Good luck with editing and with your thesis! You can do it. And get enough sleep!:)

    • Ditto as well Dess. I felt much better after having finished the article.
      AEGIS-wise, it is very stressful. Seriously. My only real work-load is thesis (I don’t have to mention acads, it’s pretty obvious), but I’ve been doing so much work for the yearbook. It’s hard being an editor -_-

      Thanks again. Haha. Yes, I will try to get as much sleep at the workload permits. XD

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