Happy birthday mom! Yeah, it’s mom’s birthday today. Luckily, there aren’t any classes because today is also the day Ninoy Aquino was shot about 26 years ago. Sadly though, dad had to leave for Hong Kong  today because of a client, so we weren’t able to celebrate today. Another good thing despite that, is that my cousin from DLSU is here for the long weekend, my siblings and mom took the LRT and MRT and picked up my cousin from the station near his dorm. At least, even if my dad isn’t here, we can celebrate as a family (more of less). The real celebration for my mom though will take place when my dad comes home from HK, and will hopefully include my lola and tita and tito (maternal grandmother, and mom’s siblings).

Recently, I’ve been editing a lot of student’s write-ups for the yearbook, which takes a lot of time. Together with my other co-editors, we’re all striving to get through this. Not to mention thesis + other academic responsibilities. The weather hasn’t been completely helpful, though I appreciate the sun because my clothes are drying faster than when it rains. Excessive heat hasn’t been good though. Haha, oh well. I know my mom has been worrying (and I’m sure Khyoon would worry too once he saw this) and my getting a slight fever the other day wasn’t good either. What started as an allergic rhinitis last Tuesday, evolved into a sore throat last Wednesday, evolved into a slight fever + cough yesterday. Right after my thesis class yesterday, I immediately rushed home and took a long nap (though I admit to having spent the rest of the early morning editing write-ups).

I’m feeling a lot better now, since the sore throat and cough are almost completely gone. My colds are still there though, so I’m not completely well. I’ve had a decent amount of rest though today since there weren’t any classes, and since I don’t have Chinese Painting classes tomorrow, I still have time to rest. I might watch Up or the Time Traveler’s Wife tomorrow with either my friends’ or family, though the former seems the better choice for now.

Lastly, before I end this….I want to showcase a gift I’ve recently been given. 🙂 A gift from a loyal reader, and a caring friend.

Thoughts from the Xin by *Khyoon on deviantART


3 comments on “Recently..

  1. LOL, way to make me sound like a worrywart. ❤

    Sounds like you guys have all four seasons within a week or something. Hehehe. Do rest more.

    How was Up? I'm still waiting for it to come out over here, couple more weeks. Oh well, I've got a back catalog of Studio Ghibli films to get through at any rate. And an application portfolio to compile for design school.

    • Not a worrywart. 😛 Just someone’s who’s concerned about other people.

      4 seasons? More of, our 2 seasons (technically wet and dry, but during the hot season, we like to refer to it as hot and hotter haha) going overtime on us. It’s sooooo humid then it becomes rainy all of a sudden. It sucks.

      Up was so nice! Being the sentimental me, I was touched by the movie. It’s nice, a nice touch of humor and “lessons” 🙂 Oh, good luck with your work! I’m sure you’ll do well. Your skills are mad-awesome. Haha.

      Jia you!

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