Lady Gaga concert last night, sadly I’m not a big fan. Not a big enough fan to go and spend hours watching the concert instead of staying at home studying, or making up for lost sleep (which is what I did last night). Stressful times now, there is so much that needs to be done and so little time to do so. Thesis professor constantly mentioning how we only have *this and this* time to submit our thesis proposal. Fretting too since I have another thesis class report tomorrow, and I’m afraid that I’ll disappoint myself and my professor.

Pressure much? About 6 more months of studying till graduation. I can do this! Oh god, Tsunade got stabbed by Orochimaru! (Naruto on Cartoon Network, dubbed though~)

Haha, anyways, I must not get sick!

Oh, shoutout to Khyoon, I can’t avoid stress right now but I’m doing my best to survive whatever is happening now. Don’t worry about me~ *hug*


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