Quick update

Just making my presence felt. Time now, 4:17am, still awake and studying for my Philosophy exam. My 1030am class is a freecut, meaning we have the class off, but prof is giving us a group take home exam and my groupmates want us to answer the exam during class time. So much for a few extra hours of sleep, or a few extra hours to study for my philosophy exam.

Oh, I just spotted a roach on the wall near me. Running off to get roach spray. Bye~


12 comments on “Quick update

    • 谢谢你。但是,为什么你叫我,思儿?哈哈。

      Oh by the way, it’s taking me some time to reply to your other comment because I’m slow at reading Mandarin, and replying in Mandarin. XD 对不起!哈哈哈哈。

      • Hahaha, sorry about that. Thought it’d be good practice or something. 8D I’m not exactly perfect at typing it out grammatically correct so that’s not helping I guess. xDDD

        Ooh, you’re not acquainted with the 儿 suffix? You know how Japanese people use -chan, -kun, -san, etc, 儿 is a bit like that. It’s a very old tradition though, not many people call others with the 儿 on the end in this day and age. I personally think it’s cute. o_o;

  1. @Khyoon: Not a problem. Honestly speaking, when writing in Mandarin, I usually write grammatically-incorrect phrases. I guess it’s because we’re English writers! 🙂

    Oh, I’ve never heard of the 儿 suffix. , 子 yes, but not 儿 . That’s cute though. I’ve always liked how Japanese affix chan and kun to their names. 🙂 Haha.

    • Heheh, something like that. It’s mostly because I’m a native Cantonese speaker and I tend to mix it with the Mandarin. Completely different dialects. =| Would you like me to translate what I typed or do you still want to do it? x3

  2. @Khyoon: You can translate if you wish. I haven’t the time to translate now. Sorry XD

    P.S You know what, I really want to learn Cantonese though Fookien is more of my native dialect than the former. XD

    • “We can’t change our past, we can only change our future. So dwelling on the bad times isn’t gonna anything.

      In whatever obstacles that life may bestow on you, it’s always good to do something about it rather than just, say, wallow about it.”

      …is basically the gist of it. Humans are such fragile things, we’re forever controlled by emotions. But how we see things control our emotions which control us. It’s always nice to look at something from a different perspective.

      Two points to think about when you’re ever feeling down. 如果我不在。

      P.S. Good luck if you ever decide to. Cantonese has a lot of slangs. Too much. =_=”

      • I agree about that whole emotion bit. Makes me ponder on such things when I watch movies like Star Trek, and they mention how humans are such emotion-filled people. It can be both a good and bad thing. 😀

        Thanks ever so much! *hug*

        Cantonese. Haha. My Cantonese friends told me I have a better Cantonese accent than a Fookien one. Haha. I learned 1-99, peng di, lei ho ma, ngo um sek kong kong tong wa, ngo sek bao, mou man tai, and such. (haha I apologize if I misspelled some of them. XD)

  3. @Dolldalera: Hey your Cantonese isn’t bad at all (minus the fact I have no idea what you said with “peng di”, hehe). Can you understand it easily?

    I was mostly referring to when people use slang phrases. Like “yaht gou shui”..meaning “a hundred dollars”…when the literal meaning is “a lump of water”. Too much slang terms in today’s modern Cantonese vocab for me to keep up with. D:

    Just the other day I was stumped when my distant aunt said “dou may” (literally means ‘spill rice’). I heard Cantonese is harder to learn for people who learnt Mandarin first, but easier if it’s the reverse.

    P.S: You wouldn’t happen to have an IM of some sort would you? OuO

    • I learned “peng di” in Guangzhou. It’s actually “pian yi” (I think). Basically, the notion of “please give it to me cheaper”, haha. 🙂 Cantonese? Understand it? Not so much.. Haha but there are some words that I’m familiar with.

      Oh god, slang Cantonese. I have a hard enough time learning normal Cantonese. D: Dad told me that Cantonese is one of the hardest languages to learn. It has like 9 accents, I think MinNan Hua has 6. XD

      IM, I do. I have QQ but my QQ provider failed me so I have to DL an new installer. Also have the usual yahoo and msn, but very rarely use my msn.

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