Pardon the title, I’m at a loss for creativity at the moment.

Estimated 2 months till d-day. October 1 is the set deadline for the research proposal for my thesis, and I’ve just finished writing out my second draft for the details to my thesis topic, which will most likely concern Taiwanese Dramas in the Philippines. I know, a weird topic that I’d love to talk about on a daily basis, but am feeling iffy about as a THESIS topic. My prof just loves the topic though, she says it’s unique..how can I say no to that? The pressure is somewhat getting to me though, since she’s been constantly reminding our class that the deadline is looming closer and we MUST intensify our thesis-research/writing skills. Seriously difficult thing if you ask me.

If any of you know about some good research material for Taiwanese dramas though, please do send them my way. I’m concentrating specifically on Taiwanese dramas in the Philippines, but research material from other countries would be most helpful to my research. 🙂

Everyday has proved to be a daunting adventure for me recently. In some of my previous posts’, I had mentioned that I was an editor for our graduating batch’s yearbook, that’s about 2000 students more or less. Last week, we began the photoshoots for the graduation pictures, and being an editor means that I’m tasked to watch over the photoshoot whenever my schedule is free. The venue is not that far from the college campus, but walking to and fro is very tiring. The only thing that keeps me doing what I’m doing besides it being my responsibility is the chance to help students prepare for their graduation pictures. For the past week, I’ve been helping out friends and strangers with their shots and poses, helping with the styling of their outfits to the styling of their shots. It’s nothing professional or anything close to that, but helping out is a good use of my time while I’m there. Coincidentally, I’ve helped produced some pretty nice shots and poses from the creative direction I’ve given, so yey!

Being an editor also means work. I’m an editor for write-ups, so students, organizations, everything that goes into the yearbook. A lot of my friends and acquaintances have gone to me for help and tips in regards to their write-ups, so there’s been a lot to keep me busy (besides academics) recently.

Lastly, I have this small bulge in my earlobe that I had a friend (who’s studying to be a doctor) look at it and try to prescribe something. My mom thinks it may be an infection from my earring, especially since I have 2 piercings on my right year, one of which I got 2 years ago and which sometimes gives me problems. There hasn’t been time for me to go see a doctor, but I’m going to try to take some small dosages of medicine my friend prescribed to me which might help. If it doesn’t work after two days, I might go see a doctor. I don’t think there’s such a thing as Earlobe Cancer or anything like that, haha. Just being ironically paranoid, whatever that means.


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