Timeless Fashion

I recently came across this lovely picture of Emma Watson on the web. I love how stunning she looks in this picture, she has that whole European look going for her. Not to mention how to-die-for this outfit looks. I like her lace-long top, her balloon skirt tied off with a ribbon to match her print stockings, and of course her stylish boots as well.

English fashion, or well European fashion is another passionate love of mine. Even if I’m into that whole Japanese/Taiwanese funky-asian sort-of look, I never forget how much in love I am with the European fashion and the European look (FYI, my original major was European Studies). This shot, just makes Emma look so grown-up and so stylish. The styling for her make-up and background is done just as well.

I found this picture (above) on the web as well, and instanteously, it stuck me as a European-fashion kind of outfit. I don’t know why, I just do. There’s just a huge difference between American fashion and European fashion. In a way, I think European and Asian fashion are very similar. American fashion seems to strike me as chic and stylish, but not quite as bold as European fashion, which always strikes me as olde-modern but nevertheless timeless. Then again, that’s just me.

Maybe because the weather in Europe is different (more or less) than the United States. I heard that fogs and such are always present in London. Maybe that’s why they wear boots and scarves a lot. God, I wish we could do that here. (See picture below)


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