On a Positive Note

I’m trying to look back on a few recent things that are making my life a little better, despite the stress that school is giving me. Being a graduating student is really not an easy task, and so many things seem to make life unbearable. But at the same time, there are things that one cannot help but appreciate.

Three things, recently.

One, I love my ASEC passport. ASEC (Ateneo Student Exhange Council) is one of the organizations that I’ve been a member of since I was a freshman year. 4 years or loyalty. Wow. FYI, ASEC is an organization that helps cater to foreign exchange students who come to the Ateneo; we also help them to feel at home in the Philippines.  This year is one exciting year since my blockmates are part of the editorial board and I’m just gushing with pride. Also this year, they have this new, but not really new thing called the ASEC passport which I totally love. This year, they’ve materialized the project and made a passport that really looks like a passport.

It includes student information on the front, a calendar of activities for the year somewhere inside its pages, it also has this awesome visa stamping part where they stamp the events as you attend them (which I might say is a great incentive if you want a cool looking stamped passport).

I’m really looking forward to filling my ASEC passport up for the year. Finally, this year, I’ll try to be more supportive of my org and do the best that I can to attend as much activities as possible. My last year, last chance.

Two, I had my hair dyed and highlighted last week. My hair has been turning somewhat brown from more exposure to the sun since I got to college. I decided that since this will be my last year in university, why not go all out and have it dyed while I still had the chance to. Basically, the color is copper-brown with some red-blonde-copper highlights. It’s not something that can easily be described. One thing that makes me love it though, are the numerous comments I’ve received from people, telling me that the color or well the combo of colors just suits me very well. Glad I took the chance to go for something bold, at least now I know that this color suits me. 🙂

Check picture below. I’m the girl at the utmost left.

Three, I attended this party last Friday that was most awesome. It was with the coursemates of my sister, a welcoming of the freshman into the Ateneo and into the course. I was invited because a lot of my friends are in that major, plus it’s also the major that people always seem to mistake me as taking. It was ultimate fun though. The organizers hired this mobile bar to be at our party, which was coincidental since the owner of the bar happens to be a friend of mine from freshman year.

All in all, it was a total blast though. Picture above was taken from the party. Dialogue was added on by another friend later on. Haha. So much bonding with friends. Made me realize how much I’m going to miss all this company, when I finally go to China next year (if it really pushes through). Not expecting the parties to end once I go to China, but the company will never be the same.

Parties are just so awesome though.

Just a few things to keep me looking positively at this stress-filled year.


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