About a month ago, I accidentally broke my specs and had to have them replaced. About 2 weeks ago, I finally got my new pair of glasses (after enduring 2 weeks of simply taping together the 2 parts that broke)  and was semi-thrilled with the new pair that I had gotten.

If you compare these glasses to my “Introduction” post picture, you can see that they are a lot different. First of all, these new glasses are roundish along the eyes, which would frame both my eyes and my face. The old frames I had were more rectangular-ish and didn’t frame my eyes and face as much. Second, the color. These new glasses are black, with studded gem things on the side, while my old ones were my favorite color, Mint Green. They were brown-ish on the outside but Mint Green on the inside of the frame.

I was going through some old photos of the past when the truth hit me. I remembered why I loved my old glasses (besides the color), they were rectangular and really fit my face. These new glasses, from my point-of-view, just don’t cut it. Round frames fit some people, but it just doesn’t fit me. D: Yes, sadly, the truth hurts.

Oh well, I’m not going to waste money and buy another set of frames. These glasses will just have to do. I’ll just buy new glasses when I go to China, since I’m thinking of getting extra frames to make sure that I don’t go blind in case something happens to the glasses I have on now. Contacts just don’t bode well with me, since I fall asleep too quickly and might forget to take my contacts off before sleeping (care of my forgetfulness), plus I have constant bouts of hay fever (allergic rhinitis) which is bad since it might cause the contacts to suddenly pop out of my eye.

Yes. I should have just gotten those nice pair of rectangular black frames I saw in the store. I just had to “think” that these round pairs fit me. The pair I had before those rectangular frames, was a lot like the pair I have on now. Darn.


3 comments on “Spec-ulation

  1. Hmmm. I think the new frames look more ‘feminine’ compared to the old edgy rectangular frames. I noticed the bits that wrap the side of your face are thinner than the old pair too, so I don’t think it’ll look too bad on you. It’ll probably bring your eyes out more, if anything.

    But I’m bias here since I have a soft spot for glasses on girls so I’ll say any frame looks good unless they’re the bug eyes kind. :3

    • I should take a picture of my face with my glasses, so you can see how uuuuuugh it looks. Lol.. Yes, it’s more feminine, I agree. But as to it fitting my face, I’m not quite sure.

      I know what you mean about that soft spot. I have a soft spot for Chinese looking men in glasses. X3 Weakness!

      • Lol, do it. ^^ I’m convinced it fits your face, they’re just a bit curved but still maintain the same form as your previous frame. You’re just too used to wearing rectangular frames. >3>

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