Random Act of Kindness

There’s an area in Katipunan that always seems to have lots of beggars. It’s along the intersection of Katipunan Ave and Santolan (heading to C-5). Every time the cars that pass stop at the light, you’ll always see a group of people heading for the cars to beg. Or in the morning, you can see a group of street kids staying by the side of the street. Beggars are a common thing in some areas; they knock on your window when your car stops at the light. It’s always such a sad sight to see.

Last Thursday, on my way home, I saw a group of people crowded at the gas station along that same intersection. Upon closer inspection (as my car passed by), I saw that there was a group gathered beside a car, having a sort of small meal. What I saw was that the driver of the car (a Vios, or an Altis) had stopped by the station, opened his trunk, and revealed a can or container of food which he was sharing to those on the street. It was a random act of kindness that touched my heart. I wish more people would take the time to do this kind of thing, not only for special occasions like Christmas, but even on normal days throughout the year.

I was telling a friend of mine a few days ago, giving money to beggars is not a bad thing, but when these beggars are kids, it seems a better option to give them food instead of money. Why? Sometimes, these kids are parts of syndicates, or are forced by their parents to beg on the streets. Of course, a person would pity a child more and give them more money. Thing is, sometimes these kids are abused, and the money does not go to food but to buy other things like vices and such. Also, what’s so wrong about giving food instead of money? It’s an assurance that the food you’re sharing will go to these kids, and that at least they’re eating the right kind of food.

It made me remember how a long time ago, I used to help my mom wrap pulvoron and other small foods into this green cellophane paper which we’d wrap and bundle with yarn. Mom would then take us to Santolan-Ortigas/Gilmore where we’d give the food to the street kids who were stationed there. Yeah, that place has a lot of beggars too. 😦

Sigh. Sometimes, seeing people who help other people out, just makes my day feel a bit better, even if it reveals a sad side to reality. A Random Act of Kindness is really a wonderful thing indeed.


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