Oh July, woe be the months left.

It’s already July, half a month of classes has passed by so slowly, yet so quickly. Recent discussions in my family (more particularly my dad and I) have been considered in regard to my possibly going to China after graduation, for study and for work. The place being decided upon by my dad is Beijing, though I’ve been trying to have my dad consider Xiamen (our hometown in China). I think dad’s really into the whole Beijing idea, so I’m trying to get used to it. We have relatives there as well, so I don’t have much to worry about. Much has to be considered in regard to my future in China (which seems to become more of a reality everyday), though I’ve been considering the idea for a very long time already.

Now, I’m just trying to get through being a Chinese Studies major and fulfilling my requirements before graduation. It’s very tough, trying to get to know your field of work, especially since the most basic of them all, the language, is not even something I’ve mastered. I’m learning though, slowly but surely. Yes, and I’m trying not to get myself too addicted to Plants vs Zombies (a very addicting game where you plant plants to battle zombies who are trying to get into your house) and Sims3 (awesome new layouts and stuff, but time lapse in-game sucks), which is proving somewhat difficult, though I have my priorities in-check with the need arises.

8 months to go till the end of classes. 9 till graduation. I’m not excited to graduate and face the real world.

Some news which are of personal importance:

China babies sold for adoption – poor Chinese babies~ One thing I don’t agree with China on is the one-child policy. The number of children one has should be a personal choice, not something dictated by government.

Swine Flu Vaccine – Swine Flu in our country is still something heavily feared. I don’t get the big deal though, it’s not as worse as getting dengue or something~ D: People should worry more about that than contracting a fairly curable disease.


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