Of Theses and Treats

In a few hours, I have to submit my 5 thesis topic proposals for my pre-thesis Thesis class. It’s driving me crazy, thinking of plausible topics to discuss, which are both efficient and not hard to actually do when the time to make the thesis paper comes. I’ve been racking my brain for the past few days, and I’ve got 5 topic proposals now, and I’m just making an outline now of what I could discuss for future use. It’s a trying task, really.

In other news, I watched Transformers2 last Saturday with some friends and found some good stuff at the bazaar in Eastwood that I attended after. I found a really good pocketwatch with a very interesting zodiac design which cost me Php550 (about US$10-11) and a very cute babydoll top that cost me about Php300 (around US$6). I also found some nice long leggings at Php180 (US$3-4) and a pair of shorts at around Php100(US$2). FYI, pictures of the pocketwatch and babydoll top can be seen on my flickr. It was a really good find, and I was glad that despite the recent stressful situations I’ve been encountering in school, I was able to appreciate that small shopping spree after a long week.

Things are getting more interesting, and many things at school prove to be more trying as days pass by.

Nothing is harder than facing the future, and facing the threats that come with it. Within the year, I feel that among the many difficulties I will be facing, certain opportunities shall arise that will allow me to take a rest once in a while. I just have to make the most of those opportunities and stop procrastinating.


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