111th Independence Day

Today is the 111th Independence Day Celebration of the Philippines, but for most, it’s just another day off, or just another day at home. Since the Swine Flu paranoia has made many schools around Manila move their start of classes to next week, it’s just another day at home for most. You know, for most, it seems a joy to have to move the first day of classes moved over and over again in fear of the flu, but for me and a few others, it’s one of the most annoying things. Since the swine flu case at DLSU became an issue, a lot of things we should be enjoying not only as college students, but as GRADUATING college students, has been posponed or put-off. I know it’s a selfish thing, but for this to happen at this time makes it seem such a waste, most especially if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Okay, I’m kind of moving away from my blog title, but this Swine Flu thing is really proving annoying. Everyone’s too paranoid, too afraid, and too cautious, to really make the most of our recent daily routines. Even things like our Independence Day has proved unimportant to most. Well, the whole con-ass thing isn’t helping either…each day feels just like every other day, nothing feels any different.


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