Countdown to iblog5

It’s 2 days to Iblog5, and after 2 failed chances at going to the iblog event (due to external circumstances), I can finally attend this blogging seminar. I’m so excited. Despite the drizzling rain outside, and the typhoon that’s suppose to be arriving in Manila tonight, I’m on the floor cutting and evening out my business cards for the event. The design was made by a friend of mine, Denise Tee, and it looked cute on jpeg but now that it’s on paper, it doesn’t look as nice. I had to edit the font size, color and face because I couldn’t see it on paper. Haha.

Currently at 16 cards. Yes, very slow progress. Later or tomorrow, will try to print more cards. Hopefully, the typhoon won’t cause a blackout, because I really need the electricity (and the internet). Haha. To of course plurk, use poupee, and Restaurant City. 🙂

Okay. Off to cut up more cards, and watch American Idol. >w<


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