My first shoot

Last Thursday was my first official participation in a shoot we did for a segment for work. A few weeks ago, my boss asked me to look for a cosplayer, since it was my “area of expertise”. As I related here a few weeks ago, we finally decided on Guy Singson, a cosplayer in the Philippines. His segment will come out in a few weeks, but we finished the main content of the segment during the shoot. So I was with the crew while they were filming, while bonding with 2 new interns from Ateneo as well (one was a classmate of mine from freshman year, and the other was a new acquaintance). The weather was a bit off that day, going on and off during our shoot, which worried us a bit since we were worried about the equipment. It was fun, and afterwards, we were trying out Kuya Guy’s costumes, since he usually does mecha-ish outfits.

Bonding with boss and crew at Metrowalk afterwards. On May 2 as well, I’ll be with our camera guy as he backpacks our cosplayer at SM Marikina for a convention, so it’ll be fun. 🙂 Times like this remind me of a famous quote from Confucius, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life”. Very true.


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