From the seat of summer

The internet has been a bit wonky at our place recently, mom says it has something to do with the internet provider updating their system or something. Been annoying really, though I’m thankful that there aren’t any school matters I have to deal with at the moment that would make the lack of internet, inconvenient.

Since I’ve tried to make my days productive despite the lack of internet (and invariably a lack of connection to plurk, YM and Restaurant City) I’ve been able to finish 2 books. One is Pride and Prejudice, which I’ve been slowly reading for a couple of days now and which I only got to finish last Monday. After, I was hoping to finish a “sequel” to P&P entitled Mr Darcy Presents His Pride by Helen Halstead which I purchased from Fully Booked a few weeks ago, within the week but I was so engrossed in it that I was able to finish it early yesterday morning. Yey.

I have yet to write a book review for both books, but I am presently trying to finish a book by Nora Roberts, entitled Naked in Death. Hope to finish it by tomorrow so I can return it to my boss.


6 comments on “From the seat of summer

  1. well that’s a nice reminder at how long it’s been since i’ve last read a novel. And it’s all thanks to manga. All I read most of the time is manga and the occasional non-fict. books. Feels like I’m living backwards. o_O

  2. @Khyoon: Actually, I haven’t read a novel (that wsasn’t for school) in a long while. 🙂 Manga is most awesome though I read fiction books long before these manga ones. I don’t even get to read manga books that often. They’re quicker to finish than fiction novels, so fiction novels are much more worth my money.

  3. Hmm, well, I like to think they’re just two different ways of telling the same story (like, Harry Potter movies vs Harry Potter books for example). One is just more visual than the other. Just for fun, which kind do you personally think is more visual? =P

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