Lent and Easter

Lent is finally over. My sacrifices for Lent were 1) not to watch Taiwanese dramas, and 2) not to drink any softdrinks. For my first sacrifice, I am proud to say that I did not watch any Taiwanese dramas for the entire Lenten Season. For the second sacrifice, I honestly admit to having drank Coke/Pepsi twice within the Lenten season, with those 2 instances being instances I could not avoid. During my usual trip to Mcdonalds though, I spent the entire Lent ordering iced tea with my meals instead of softdrinks, so that’s something to be proud of.

For the usual Holy Week with my family, we attended mass during Holy Thursday and we attended Easter Eve mass last Black Saturday. Last Friday, my mom and dad went to Ateneo to attend a recollection hosted by our Charismatic Community, which is also where we had our mass yesterday and last Thursday (not at the Gesu Church). Last Friday, me and my 3 other siblings accidentally missed out on the mass at our local church because we didn’t know that the Good Friday service began at 3 and we got to the Church at around 4pm, but we were able to do our own Way of the Cross (though not in 7 Churches as the tradition in our country goes). I was also able to have confession with one of the priests from our local church (who’s from abroad) and it felt nice to be able to go to confession again, since I haven’t had confession for about a year or so.

Awhile ago, as the usual tradition in our Charismatic community, our mass began with no light-ceremony, passing of the light from a large symbolic candle to ministers who then go around passing the light to others. A moment of sadness over remembering Jesus’ death, to joyful celebration over his rising, with noise and jubilation. I won’t go into the details, since there are too many too recall, but one thing many in my community look forward to is the dance at the end of the mass service. It’s usually done started by the men in our community, women can join in too, but I am just too lazy to. Arm in arm, everyone circles the place singing Alleluia and praised to God while dancing and lifting their feet in jubilation. It’s really a celebration of Jesus’ rising from the dead.

After our Easter Eve mass awhile ago, my entire family, together with my cousins’ family (sister of my mom) went out to Eastwood to have dinner together and we ended up at Teriyaki Boy for our dinner, then Dairy Queen for dessert. Truly a celebration!

Happy Easter everybody!

You may view my card here.


7 comments on “Lent and Easter

  1. @joe55a: Happy Easter as well!

    @Khyoon: Nope, I didn’t, sadly 😦 I was at my cousin’s house though, and we ate some nice food that my aunt made, and bonded with my cousins~ XD

  2. Ahh, how nice of you. I personally get along better with my younger cousins than the ones around my own age. Dunno why.

  3. @Khyoon: Haha, maybe because in some way, it’s easier to talk to younger cousins. I prefer cousins’ my age though, because we relate to more things than when it comes to younger cousins.

  4. Ahhh, agreed. But in my case, it’s not a split between ages per se, it’s more like I group my cousins according to how we were brought up (modern vs traditional). I relate to the “modernized” group of cousins more rather than the traditional ones.

    My “modernized” cousins are usually the younger ones, I find my older “traditional” cousins a bit on the close-minded side.

  5. Oh, yes, I know what you mean. The thing with cousins of the same age as me is that we are both products of traditional and modern ideas, whereas the younger ones are exposed more to the very modern ideas present in society. It’s hard to relate to them about “traditional” ideas only.

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