Weekend at Subic

Just this weekend, I went out-of-town with some good girl friends of mine to Subic, Pampanga. It was a somewhat tedious ride, seeing as I didn’t have any sleep (despite the fact that I tried very hard to sleep) and 6 out of 7 girls left without having breakfast till around 9-10am on the NLEX. We arrived at where we were suppose to stay overnight, Forest Villas, at around 11, and left our belongings in our “apartment” before heading out to find a place to have lunch.

We decided to go around the area a bit, and noticed that there were many korean establishments in the area. Korean restaurants, korean spas, korean learning centers, and such. After, we went into the city proper, but found that it was nicer to eat outside of it so we decided to eat at Cocolime, a restaurant that served Asian Cuisine. It was a nice enough restaurant, with good service and delicious food.

The food was not that expensive and with 3 orders of chicken sisig, an order of teriyaki chicken and another meal whose name I forgot, 2 orders of sweet and sour fish, and a personal order of bottomless iced tea, the bill amounted to about P200 each person. After our lunch, we headed out for a 3ominute ride to Ocean Adventure, a small ocean park where we saw countless seals, sharks, dolphins and whales. For P450 a ticket, you can already avail of the shows for the day, which include shark feeding, the seal training presentation, diving and other shows. The swimming with the dolphin and whale portion costs about P3000/person (if I remember correctly), so me and my friends did not avail of that opportunity. After our stint at Ocean Adventure, with some souvenirs and such in hand, we headed to Camayan Beach Resort, about 5 minutes away by car ride from Ocean Adventure.

We were there from the afternoon till around 8-9 in the evening, and after my friends had their fun swimming in the beach, and me watching over their belongings, we had dinner at the restaurant, called “The Reef” and listened to performers playing outside on the beach.

After our scrumptious dinner of pork sisig, calamares fritos (yum yum) and some shrimp meal of which I could not partake, we headed back to our place in Forest Villas, but not before I had the chance to at least wade my feet in the sand and sea, and try to write on the beach. I fell asleep soon after arriving back at our place, which was around 9+ in the evening, but woke up at around 12 to take a bath and to bond at the dining room with my friends as we discussed and immersed ourselves in our girl-ish talks. We all slept around 2 in the morning and woke up at around 10am.

We had our own home-made brunch of rice (which I brought) and spam, which we ate while watching Anastacia on the telly. We left a little past 12noon, and headed for Tree Top Adventure, a little less than 5-10 minutes away from Forest Villas. For P500, we had the opportunity to ride the Canopy Rides, which is a ride of about 10 rides (patterned in a circular set of trees located at different heights) and you’re seated on a chair and transported via cable to the other side while suspended from a height of about 50ft and more. Me and my companion on the ride (since we decided to go in groups of 3-2-2) finished first, since we started on the opposite end as compared to all our other companions. So strapped in with helmets and safety gear, we were a funny looking bunch. After we all finished with the Canopy Rides, we went for the Superan ride, where you are harnessed by the stomach to the safety gear, then your arms and legs are put atop two bars, very similar to those trapeze in the circus. Basically, you’d look like a Superman. It was fun though the first few moments that you are pushed from the platform can be a bit nerve-wrecking.

After our adventure at Tree Top Adventure, we all headed back to Manila. 4 of us attended mass at my local church together, seeing as it was a Sunday (and Palm Sunday at that) before we took our separate ways.

More pictures viewable via flickr.

P.S. Exchange rate of a US dollar to Philippine pesos is roughly $1 = P50 (for foreign readers :))


2 comments on “Weekend at Subic

  1. @Khyoon: I did. You should go to Subic if you ever get the chance to visit the Philippines. 🙂 It’s really nice! Yeah, images are kinda blurry, was using a phone when I was taking pictures, I didn’t bring a digital cam with me when I went. Was sort of afraid of losing it~

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