On an Elation High

I am on an elation high right now. I am very happy with myself, and what I’m going to do, which might seem like an irony compared to a little while ago, and most especially yesterday. Yesterday, I was really feeling bad about myself and my future, and I was frustrated with most everything around me. But awhile ago, while trying to be productive, I was able to do something very useful for work.

Last Friday, I was able to find a contact to interview for my work, and I was feeling very pleased that I had also successfully booked a shoot for my boss for that very same day. Everything was going okay, and my boss was feeling very pleased with me, which pleased me a lot as well. Later that evening, I felt a little sad though that the contact I booked was not whom my boss was exactly looking for. So yesterday, when that contact of mine referred someone else to me to contact, I was not all that excited as I had been before. Awhile ago, I got into contact with my new contact and did my best to feel positive, and hearing his story, made me a bit happier, since it seemed like something my boss would want.

I went off to call my Pat Evangelista (my boss) to tell her that I had possibly found a contact to book for the shoot, and while she was hearing the story as I was recounting it to her, she was telling me how interested in the story she was. To sum it all up, she loves the story and congratulated me for finding someone really good. Also, regarding things for booking, she was pleased that I had already asked the contact just in time. What put me on my ultimate elation high was what what happened after. She asked me if I could come in tomorrow, and I told her that honestly, I worked better going around then being cooped up in the office. She said it was fine and she’d let me move around instead of staying in the office, which made me really happy since I don’t have to expose myself to so much second-hand smoke. After that, she wanted me to relate to some new interns some contact info I found before, for 2 new stories. Yey for me and my contact info she says. The final icing on the cake of elation was what I asked her after.

Yesterday, as I was accompanying a friend of mine for his auditions to the Magic 89.9 Junior Jock thing, I decided since I was there to just audition as well. My friend got into the finals, which made me really proud of him. When I took my turn to audition though, I was really nervous but the end results seemed okay. The judges who were analyzing my “skill” mentioned how interesting I sounded and how “almost-there” I seemed to them. Conversation-wise, I sounded okay and good but while reading for the audition itself, I still lacked a certain something. Bummed out a little about not getting in to the Junior Jock thing, but it didn’t get me down that much. It was then that DJ Slick Rick mentioned that they’d like to invite me for the Summer Buddy workshop for the station, which would train me to get better. I asked first if I could talk to my boss since I already had a commitment to her, which was fine with them.

Which leads us to the main elation high moment. I relayed it to my boss and she is extremely pleased and proud of me. She wants me to go for the training, and told me not to worry about work since I was doing a good job and that even if I had that workshop, it wouldn’t take up all my time. Plus she told me I had no contract with her for the summer (since I had no required number of hours) and that she wanted me to be as productive as I could be. She also mentioned that she would still call me to bug me about work when she needed me. 🙂

I am feeling very happy right now. Elation High Extreme.


5 comments on “On an Elation High

  1. Hehe, it’s that sensation from things just being “right”, right? And you just feel good about yourself.

    *pats your back*

    ADD OIL. =P

  2. I guess that’s what make it special and an extreme elation high. xD +1 to self confidence and inspiration.

    How’s your summer break coming along?

  3. @Khyoon: Thank you!

    My summer break seems to be coming along fine. I came from a weekend at the beach (out-of-town) with friends, it was fun! Thanks for asking. How about you? How are you? 🙂

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