A Toast for Tiffy

Awhile ago, I was at Marcelle‘s house for Tiffy‘s despedida. It hasn’t been a long time since I’ve known Tiffy, probably a few months, but it makes me sad to have to see her go, and for a year – TO JAPAN. 😦 Tiffy has been one of the few familiar and comforting faces that I look forward to when I attend blogging events, probably because we’re the same age and we can relate to a lot of the same things. Being Katipuneros has been a good thing for the both of us, and having a lot of the same friends has too.

The thing I remember most about Tiffy is the girl who wore white to the Clear Black Party where everyone wore black. Tiffy has always been a smiling face, a comforting smile, a familiar voice and a good friend. Being at her despedida party awhile ago, just materialized the fact that she’ll be going away on Monday. Being in China for 6 weeks and away from my family made me homesick, having a close friend of mine away in Hong Kong for 4 months was difficult, but a year away from a friend (who doesn’t think she can come home during breaks and such) is not something I look forward to. 😦 A year from now, when Tiffy’ll be back in the Philippines, most everyone will be graduating with their futures bright and open. A year from now, many will be working in different companies spread not only across the country, but across the world. A year from now, oh so many things can happen within a year’s time.

Of course, I only wish the best for Tiffy. This trip to Japan to study will be a great opportunity for her to improve her Japanese, meet new people, intensively learn about the Japanese culture, and etc. I’m sure that Tiffy will come back a more mature and worldly-experienced woman with a bright future ahead. In a year, I am sure Tiffy will be a person whose much more ready for the world. I can only hope that despite us not knowing each other that well, that in a year’s time, our friendship will remain intact and we will continue to communicate with each other even past college.

A year can pass on slowly, but at the same time, it can pass on just as quickly.

Wishing you the best my dear Tiffy. Benkyou wa gambatte! 🙂


2 comments on “A Toast for Tiffy

  1. Awww, Christa! I hug you! That was the sweetest thing ever :c

    When you’ve graduated and you’re already working — don’t forget about me, okay? 🙂

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