Start of my last summer

Now, it is officially the start of my summer vacation. Actually, it had begun about 4 hours ago, but I didn’t have the internet connection to announce it. Now, all the stress is almost gone and the only thing that bothers me is the result of the finals and the semester’s worth of stress. Hoping for the best for my grades, especially since 3 out of my 6 classes have been done since last month and I’ve just been dying to see my grades.

Since it’s now technically summer, time to give myself a rest, but be productive at the same time. Have to work at my internship so I don’t expect myself to bum everyday. Some days will also be devoted to work, some to rest, some to writing and reading, and well, just hoping for a productive summer. I can distinctly remember, last year’s summer was spent in one of the best places, my 6 weeks at Sun Yat-Sen University in ZhuHai, Guangdong, China. If only I could take myself back to China, I really miss being there. But for now, productive summer awaits me, while I’m waiting for my last year in college to arrive. Dang, I can’t believe I’ll now be a senior. -___- 4 years seriously passes by so quickly.


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