Countdown to Summer 2009

A lot of things have been happening recently, events, projects, requirements for schools and such. 2 schooldays left and it will finally be summer vacation for me, though I have to have my final orals exam for my Philosophy102 class and my History 165 class, and help a friend to edit his paper before it is officially summer for me. Luckily, next week I have no work at my internship because my boss will be out of town to work on a shoot, so next week will be fully concentrated on finishing the finals and taking the time to rest. I am a bit sad though, because Tony Blair is coming to my university on Monday to give a talk, but I’ll be busy preparing for an exam sometime in-between his 8-12nn talk, so I won’t have the opportunity to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event. TONY BLAIR!

A lot of studying to do. Sunday will be devoted to studying for the History finals, and understanding the thesis statements for Ph102. Much work. So much work.

Also, I just checked the site for Ateneo students to check their random numbers (to register for classes) for the summer, and I got a 36 for my school. I find it so amusing since its a very good number but it will be useless since this will be my first FREE summer and I intend to enjoy it! Haha oh well.


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