Frustrated with Time

I’m a bit frustrated with myself. There are so many things one can do, but just not enough time do it. I would like to say that the thing I am frustrated with is the fact that academics is very stressful (at this moment) and that I do not have enough time to do what I want. Sadly, it isn’t, though 2 weeks ago I did tell myself that there wasn’t enough time to do what needed to be done. This Saturday, my schedule is full of things that need to be done and yet there isn’t enough time to do them all.

First, there’s an open house for the School of Social Sciences at the Ateneo, and I had wanted to participate and help out with the freshmen from my course. I have yet to mention that I am volunteering but I was a bit hesitant to join in because of 2 things. There is a BB Gandanghari event with bloggers that I am suppose to attend at the Fort. There is also the first segment for the Maid and Butler cafe for my friends, which i declined to participate in this weekened because of my hectic schedule. Then, I almost forgot that I promised a good friend of mine that I would attend her birthday and grad dinner along Tomas Morato on Saturday, and agreed to attend my friend’s birthday dinner at her place near Shang on the same date at around the same time. Not to mention that my brother has his prom and needs the car so I can’t just keep going everywhere and anywhere.

Sigh. Guess i won’t be attending the BB Gandanghari event. 😦 It will have to be another time before I will meet her IRL. I also have to turn down the birthday dinner of my friend since I had already promised to attend the other one, a month in advance. And of course, the first segment for the Maid and Butler cafe will have to do without me. Either way, I asked to be scheduled for the week after, so that will hopefully help.

Dang. Things that happen such as this just remind me that I NEED to go get my long overdue permit, and then that I NEED to study at a driving school, and that I NEED to get my license. Good job.


6 comments on “Frustrated with Time

  1. Oww, sounds like you might want to make an investment on a diary planner. But yeah, I generally agree with you about the not enough time for everything….no matter how well we manage our time too. Unless one wants to just relax, one will find something to do no matter what. Haha. @_@

    I know what you mean but what about public transport?

  2. @Khyoon: I actually do have a planner. 🙂 Haha. It’s just that sometimes, I go through my schedule in my head and when I’m confused or in a state of panic, I sometimes forget a plan or two when asked on the spot.

    There’s actually a saying here, “Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan”. It basically means, when you want something, one can find a way. When one does not want something, there’s always a reason. Haha. It is very true.

    Sigh, there again arises the issue of public transport. Haha. Let’s just say public transport here is not entirely reliable (though I’ve taken some of them in my college years) and my parents are not happy with the idea of me taking them, especially alone.

  3. @Dolldalera: Ah yeah, I totally know what you mean. I’ve a habit of scheduling on the wall calendar in my room now, personally. Since I glance at my calendar pretty much the minute I wake up or leave the room, it gives me a quick glimpse of what’s coming up in the week(s).

    You’ve made public transport sound scary in your country now… o_o;;

  4. @Khyoon: When I have my own place, I plan to devote a big chunk of the wall to make a huge-ass calendar. 🙂

    Well public transport here is safe in the sense that many people take it everyday. I guess it’s unsafe if you are usually ignorant of your surroundings like me, or look well-off if you know what I mean. In any country, there are of course pros and cons to public transport. Haha.

    I just wish taking buses here were as easy as in China/HK/Singapore.

  5. @Dolldalera: Hehehe. I sometimes think the more we schedule things, the more apparent we become of not having enough time. We’re conformed to just “going through a list”. It makes a day run by so fast compared to unscheduled events.

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