A Doll’s Essence

I have done it again. Another blog, which has been brainstorming in my mind since I thought of a blog name, has finally been concretized. A Doll’s Essence, another addition to my doll name-themed blogs, is actually a pun of the word adolescence and what I believe to be the essence of me (a doll), which is my artistic poetry and prose. So here, I yet again share my thoughts and creativity. Here, I share with you my craziest and most unethical thoughts and imagination.


P.S. I am thinking of deleting my i.ph account entirely, since I am really not fond of the complicated dashboard and options on the blog.


6 comments on “A Doll’s Essence

  1. nooooooo~. don’t let that i.ph account go to waste. sayang. and personally, i still prefer that one over blogspot, especially with V3 about to roll out (insider information lol). i can help you customize that i.ph account if anything. 😀

  2. @Arc: Your concern is very touching. XD But seriously, I have no idea what I’ll do with that blog. I think I prefer blogspot for posting my poetry, and then I have another unused blog waiting to have content put in, though I do not know what I’ll put in there as of now.

  3. let’s clarify – when you said ‘dashboard’ you meant the link at the top right of the page you see when you log in. generally, you don’t customize there. you have to click the ‘turn Edit on’ link on the top left. clicking that would make this sidebar with collapsible sub-parts appear on the left side. also little ‘edit’ buttons appear on specific parts of the pages. you use those to edit the look of your i.ph blog. hope that helps. 😀

  4. interesting. can you elaborate on that? i think the i.ph team would be veey interested in user feedback, especially those that are negative (e.g. not ‘OMGWTFBBQ this is the best interface evarrr!!!111one) XD

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