Day 2 is so too too

Second day at work was a lot different than the first day. There was so much work  to be done, and my boss outlined all the schedules for the next 4 weeks. Talk about hectic. So much researching, so much booking, shooting, conceptualizing, and calling. It was really a busy 6 hours at the office/boss apartment. I actually wanted to de-stress by cleaning around the apartment, but my boss wouldn’t hear of it. It was a really amazing day though, and I learned a lot. Made a mistake today on the phone, but it was an awesome learning experience.

The only thing I didn’t like so much about today was the amount of smoke I inhaled, and when I mean smoke, like cigarette smoking. It was second-hand smoking. If you guys know me personally, especially since I was young, you’d know that I really detested smoke before I got to college. Now, I only endure the smoke, since a lot of my college friends (and now work friends) are smoking around me. Sadly, at my internship’s workplace, more than half of the people I work with smoke. And in the 6 hours I was at work, they finished about 2-4 packs (estimate). I can still smell the yosi (cigarette smoke) on me. Actually, after work, I headed over to my aunt’s place which is about 4 houses away, and hung out there while waiting for my driver. Upon arriving there awhile ago, the smell of yosi on me didn’t seem to bother me. In fact, I didn’t even smell it. But when I arrived home this evening, the smell suddenly struck me. My maid and even my mom mentioned that I stank of cigarette smoke. Despite changing clothes, the smell was still there. Took an hour’s nap, and it is still there.

Finally a friend mentioned that I had to wash my hair in order to remove the smell, which is what I’m going to do soon.

Besides that, glad that I’m learning a lot from this internship, despite it being just day 2 and despite the fact that my course is in no way related to broadcasting, comm, journalism or production. Though that is the case, the experience I believe I’ll be getting from this will really be a lot. Creativity and patience wise, a lot of this is needed, but I believe I can survive. Haha.

Oh, before I end this entry. The director of the show I’m working for, laughingly mentioned how soothing my voice is and how much he likes it. He now has a new nickname for me, pretty voice. Haha. This seriously comes as a surprise, since I’ve always kind of disliked my voice and thought that mine was a bit guy-ish in a sense (if you can put it that way). This was the first time that someone mentioned that my actual voice (not singing voice) is nice to listen to. Ending the day on a tired but happy note.

Oh and yes, please watch Storyline on ANC Channel (Channel 27 on Sky Cable) every Friday, 6pm or 11pm, with re-runs on Sunday at 3/330pm. Thank you! Last thing, my boss Patricia Evangelista rocks so much.


13 comments on “Day 2 is so too too

  1. yay for the awesome OJT and cool bosses, boo for the second-hand smoke.

    my OJT at a certain government institution was fun. hard, stressful at times, but fun. add the awesome learning curve on gets when faced with the right amount of stress and i’d say it was worth it. also, seeing your boss get high on the err.. scent of contact cement (the adjacent room was under renovation) is really something else XD

    and i’ve always thought patricia evangelista as way cool. if i was way younger i’d say i had a boy-crush on her XD

  2. Yup. you gotta wash your hair. I had a similar situation before when I used to be in a band. All the bars reeked of cigs. And I couldn’t get the smell out till I washed my hair three times ._.

    Glad you’re having fun with ojt though! It’s great to be motivated by work. OJTs SHOULD be a fantastic learning experience 🙂 kaya yan Christa!

  3. @Arc: So true. My eye got teary-eyed a couple of times since the fan was facing me and the smoke was blowing my way. Will really take some time to get used to.

    Yeah, my boss is awesome. 🙂

    @KT: Wow, 3 times? I washed my hair twice. Thanks KT thanks KT. *hug* OJT is fun. Stressful, experienced-filled, but fun. XD

  4. i suppose it won’t hurt if you were to ask them to not point the fan at you especially if smoke starts to fill the air. or you can just point the fan at the smokers so that the smoke stays with them XD

    here’s to a fun OJT this summer *raises glass* i hope it won’t jade your opinion on the rat race you’re going to join in a year or so. 😀

  5. @Arc: I guess it won’t. Probably made me a bit teary eyed because of the irritation the other day, if you remember.

    Haha, thanks thanks so much. *raises glass as well* Yeah, a year or so from now. Not in a hurry.

  6. Sounds like you’re having fun. lol. Work is great for taking the mind off school workloads, I reckon. Secondhand smoke isn’t so great. Maybe you could bring in a can of those fragrance spray thingy next time to ward off the stench? xD

  7. @Khyoon: Actually, I don’t have much schoolwork left, with 3 out of my 6 classes finished, and only about a month left till the end of the academic year. 🙂 Haha. So instead of bumming about, I end up getting semi-stressed.

    Great idea! And I’ll be spraying myself about every 10 minutes.. lol

  8. @Dolldalera (I swear, I keep reading that as dollDARELLA…)

    Ahh, lucky one, you guys have summer break coming up. Which means…cold, cold winter soon here. ;__; How’re you gonna spend your break?

    Nonono, you spray the room! 8D It’s always amusing to see other people’s expression to that. The first thing most people think: “….it smells like my bathroom”.

  9. @Khyoon: Ohhhh! My apologies. In Filipino (language of my country), a daldalera refers to someone who is talkative (madaldal), which is what I am. But since I am going for the whole doll-themed names and such, I changed the first syllable to doll instead of dal. XD

    Yeah, summer. Its 2 months long, but really HOT. Then when school starts, soon after is the beginning of the typhoon season. Our weather here is so odd.

    Since I have that internship, I will most probably be spending my summer vacation doing that. But I plan on going home to the province to visit my grandparents. 🙂 Haven’t seen them in a long while.

    I can spray myself and the room! Won’t it be a bit insulting if I sprayed the room? Lol.

  10. i think they’d find it *mildly* insulting. not really in a bad way, but you may come across as ‘maarte’. it’s more of they’re comfortable with the mild scent (/sarcasm) of burned tobacco and may not appreciate the clean air that you prefer.

    well, it *is* a matter of preference, and in your case, health. better talk to them first before going gung ho on spraying air freshener around the room. at least they’d know your very valid reasons why you’re cleaning up the air.

    suddenly, i’m reminded of that scene in Slam Dunk where Sakuragi cleaned up the team’s locker room XD baka ganoon ang mangyari – pagdating ng mga tao ang unang maiisip nila ‘wow, ang bango a.’ XD

  11. @Arc: I agree. I do not want to burden them with not being able to smoke for my simple convenience. If the others who do not smoke can handle it, then I should to.

    Lol at your last paragraph. I think I already came across as the OC type of person, towards my boss and her assistants. XD

  12. just bring meds in case asthma strikes. 😀

    oh. and have i told you i think patricia evangelista is really really cool? no? yes? oh right.

    it’s monday already in… 45minutes according to my clock. good luck this work week christa. i hope you won’t go home smelling like a fighting cock after its master has done the morning ritual of blowing cigarette smoke on it. 😀

  13. @Arc: I haven’t had asthma since I was in my early years at elementary school, so I do not think that should pose a problem.

    And yes, you have already mentioned it. I find her to be way cool too. 🙂

    Thank you very much Arc. I will do my best this week!

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