Reaching for the Stars, Staying Close to the Heart

Due to some unexpected events, and surprising outcomes, I will be spending my summer vacation being a busy bee. I’ve gotten an internship and will be starting in about a week’s time. Feeling very excited and nervous at the same time. This is something I’ve always wanted for a long time, and finally getting it is a dream come true. This was something quite unexpected, seeing as many companies I applied for during the Job Fair either didn’t give me any notice as to my resumes, or turned me down. Oh, except for the one concerning Reedley School, which I turned down since they wanted me to work for a job, not an internship. And they wanted me for the post of Mandarin teacher, which I feel I am incapable of performing.

Thankfully, my internship is something close to my heart, doing something I love. Even if I am not required to do any internship of any sort, being a bum for the summer seems like a pretty draining job; which is why this learning experience is something I hope will be memorable and worthwhile, not only for the summer but for the coming years.

Of course, academics will always be prioritized over work. 🙂 But dang, do I feel like a million bucks. Getting accepted has made me feel that finally, my life wasn’t that worthless after all, and I am making something out of it.


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