A reason to stay up longer at night

Recently, my parents were applying for a free trial with Sky Cable in regards to this Digibox thing, and some extra channels of some sort. I’m really glad since applying for extra channels means I get some of the channels I have missed, and missed out on over the years. Arirang is back, which is a very good thing for me. I remember spending many of my late elementary to early high school days watching Arirang shows like Music Tank, or what was the name of that show, uhm it was a drama/humor series about a group of college students and their life in S. Korea. Also, I watched other shows like Pops in Seoul and got hooked to singers like Dana and 1TYM. Sometime in my HS years though, Sky decided to move it to their premium service. Boo. At least it’s back now.

Also new shows I can watch with the upgrade are CCTV9, Channel V and Fashion TV! Yey. Sadly, they don’t have those other CCTV channels that I’d really like to watch, and though this CCTV is CCTV International, I will just have to make do. At least it keeps me updated on things that are happening back in China. Back in China, in my dorm in Sun Yat-Sen University, practically all our channels on TV were CCTV so I sort of miss that atmosphere. Channel V is a lot more accessible to me now since it sort of combines Velvet and MTV together. Also, I am really loving Fashion TV. I do not have to stay up at night to catch the Fashion catwalk shows on Velvet/Lifestyle.

Sigh, I just wish that I could have that Taiwan Channel that I used to watch a lot back in China. At night, it would feature a lot of Taiwanese dramas that I grew to love and to get addicted to. Oh, forgot to mention, this new upgrade allows me to watch thisย  channel called Boomerang which features a lot of old cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid, like the Flinstones, the Jetsons, Blue Falcon, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

A lot like reminiscing my childhood all over again.


9 comments on “A reason to stay up longer at night

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  3. I’ve got CCTV1-3/10-12/Music/Kids and out of that I only really like Music. They show some nice old classic instruments on there (like the “Er Hu”. Can you read pinyin btw? ).

    Hope you enjoy the new channels. I’ve got mostly Mainland, non-CCTV channels on mine. And mannn, I can’t stand the commercials. They’re long and annoying. And too much police drama series (which are all the same too unfortunately).

    Oh, there’s a few cartoon channels on mine as well, that airs old school cartoons like Aladdin, Tom and Jerry, etc, which is nice and all except…the dubbing is HORRIBLE. Really horrible mandarin dubbing. I realllly hope your spiffy Boomerang channel isn’t plagued by that. XD

  4. @Khyoon: Sadly, I do not have those channels. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh! The Er Hu! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I can read pinyin, thanks for asking.

    I detest commercials, especially repetitive ones. Thankfully, the ones on Boomerang are in English. But honestly, I detest shows/channels that dub Mandarin/Japanese/Korean shows into the local language. I would rather have subs than dubs. Also, some English dubbings are absolutely HORRIBLE, and they just massacre the essence of the original shows.

  5. @dresdendoll: Yeah, I know what you mean. The anime Detective Conan was on the other day, but it was hard to watch because the horrible mandarin dubbing stands out so much, to the point where it just feels distracting.
    The voice actor/ess doesn’t evoke the same sense of emotion as the original, and in worst case scenarios the voice doesn’t match the character at all. D:

    I mostly watch the HK-region (TVB + ATV) reruns and wuxia series nowadays. And it’s so hard to keep up. They air like, 5-6 episodes each day. It’s so different to what I used to with english channels. XD

  6. sadly, we don’t have cable. then again, no one’s around to watch TV most of the time so no big loss… i think. if ever, i’d just geek out on NatGeo or Discovery and the occasional anime and sports.

    yes, screw dubbing. subs is the way to go. GOOD subs at that. you may even partially learn a language because of that XD

  7. @Khyoon: Quite true. I dont understand why they don’t just stick to subbing. It saves people from the hassle of dubbing and whatnot. Plus more people complain about dubbing then they do subbing. Why not just please everyone by not doing anything with the original.

    I wish we had those here. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I guess this is what I miss the most about China/HK.

    @Arc: My sister said the same thing. She didn’t understand why me and my parents wanted to pay for the extra channels that the upgrade would allow. But I love the extra channels, they give more variety.

    Even bad subs are way better than dubbing (in my opinion). Haha. I guess that’s why there are reliable subbed sites/companies and unreliable ones.

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