My Valentines Weekend

While a lot of people I knew went out to have dates during the weekend, I spent the entire weekend with friends of mine, just hanging out and being single.

Come Thursday, it was a bit stressful with all the things I had to prepare for school. Unexpectedly though, I experienced something uncommon. Haha, it wasn’t something that I had not experienced before,  but it was something I did not really expect at that moment. A friend of mine, all of a sudden, asked me out. Being the dense person that I am, when he mentioned that it was not serious, I really and honestly did not take it seriously. And when I mentioned that I had a dinner and my friend offered to take me out before the dinner and to bring me to that dinner, I turned him down again. Friends of mine on plurk have mentioned that yes, I am dense and kind of “mean”. But seriously, I do not get it when people are being serious in what they say, or when they are not serious. Haha. I am that kind of dense person.

Friday came, and I enjoyed a very delicious dinner with my Celadon friends at Omakase Libis. 🙂 Delicious delicious, I love that restaurant and I really love spending my meals with my friends there, especially my Celadon friends. Afterwards, we went out to Dairy Queen to have a little dessert before heading to the newly opened Eastwood Mall to look around and head to Timezone after. The entire evening was then spent there. It was amazing really, the Timezone branch of Eastwood mall was really lovely. Their Tekken 6 was really new and very modern, and a lot of their games there are more up-to-date, an example of which was the Dayton USA. Getting on the car, me and my friend found out that moving the wheel left to right actually made the car move. 🙂 We tried out many games and enjoyed ourselves while other people went out to have their dates with their special someone. Hanging out with friends is really fun.

Saturday was a very busy day again. After lunch, I headed with my friends to make chocolate for our friends. Buying chocolate from Chocolate Lovers then melting them and transferring it to the molds before packaging it. It was a long 5 hours of cutting chocolate, melting chocolate, placing them into their molds then transferring them to the refrigerator. After those 5 hours, with our backs aching, I was planning to end the night early. It was then that my friend mentioned that there was an Audrey Hepburn Film Fest at Rockwell, which I readily agreed to. Accompanying my friend and her sister to Rockwell was indeed fun, and after watching the movie (Roman Holiday), we headed out supposeldy to go home but we wanted to drop by a party which our friend encouraged us to attend. Filled with foreigners, music and dancing, it was indeed fun. Too bad we had to go home at that moment, but it was a nice thing to end the Valentines Weekend.

And to top it all of, I arrived home and found that my dad had given me and my sister a rose each which was very sweet.

Indeed. Being single does have its advantages, and I enjoyed the company I spent my Valentines Weekend with. I hope all of you spent the Valentines Weekend with a comforting company of friends or your special someone too. 🙂

Memorable indeed.


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