Strange encounter

Something strangely odd happened to me awhile ago in school (Feb 11). As I was coming back from saying hello to a friend, a complete stranger came up and asked me if I was “toki88” from deviantart. A face of pure bewilderment struck me at that moment. To the stranger, of course I said ‘yes’ seeing as I really am toki88. Anways, stranger introduces himself as a person who follows me on deviantart. Person actually introduced himself to me on deviantart (as I recall vaguely from memory) a few months ago, as a freshman who had seen me costrip during the JSP Appreciation Week last September, with friends Abi and Pao. Said person saw me costriping and probably recognized me when I posted some pictures on deviantart.

It was really a weird moment. I never imagined someone would actually come up to me and say that. I could imagine Tricia or Edjie, or Crissey or Domz getting strange introductions like that, but it was a complete first for me. Besides that, said person was great in recognizing that it was me (in person) who was that person on DA. Logically speaking, it would be odd to recognize a person from online to them in real life. Lol. Adding to the strange encounter awhile ago, said person tells me that he loves my poetry. Aw.. I was telling said person that I wasn’t that good in trad/digital art (which is true) and which is why I stick to novice photography and poetry.

Really strange, but thrilling at the same time. You don’t see things like that happening everyday. Feels nice to know that someone actually has the gall to come up to me and say they recognize me from some (of course reliable) site, and that they like my stuff.

A definite first in my books. Whatta memorable day!


5 comments on “Strange encounter

  1. celebrity much? lol. props to that guy for coming up and saying hi. heck, i dunno if i can do that IRL XD

    also, consider: at least one person have said IRL he thinks you make good stuff. so by existence, one can say that you do make good stuff. so there. XD keep it up kiddo. 😀

  2. If you found the encounter strange, then you gotta imagine what it was like on their side. “Um this may sound weird but…are you soandso from the internet?” XD It’s funny how it sounds normal and weird at the same time.

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