A quick fix~

I’m just sneaking in a few minutes to post something here. Yes, I’m still alive.  This February is going to be a very stress-filled month. I have about 3 papers and 2 reports due, practically every week, with some weeks having 2 at a time. Thankfully, my Philosophy professor moved our papers’ deadline to the week after deadline (technically 2 weeks from now). My class, including me, was very much relieved because the paper requires a lot of preparation including going back to last semester’s lessons and sort of “embedding” it into this semester’s lesson.

For the History report, I’ve already borrowed books from the library to use as research material. Actually, I shouldn’t have borrowed books for that report yet, seeing as it’s still going to be at the end of the month. A paper in my Chinese history class, due earlier that week should be my priority since I need to do a lot of research on that as well. Now, I’m finishing up on my part of the Humanities report in ppt, with its paper due next week as well.

Okay, I’m going to survive this. I can do this. Back to work!


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