First of February

Remember, remember, the first of February.

Okay, that line doesn’t really match the month, except for the fact that both begin with an “F”. The line from  for Vendetta is very much still stuck in my head. Today is officially the beginning of the month of February, sometimes called the Month of Hearts. For some, it can be a painful thing, or an exciting time in their lives. As what happens every year, I dread looking forward to that date about 2 weeks from now. It’s just another sad reminder that again, for the 20th time in my life, I am single. Hm. Being single isn’t that bad. Being single in February, when people are all the more sweeter to their special someone, that’s what sucks. Of course, me and a bunch of my friends spend the “holiday” with each other, Single Awareness Day as we like to put it. While all the others are busy with their boyfriends, husbands, blind dates and whatnot, I spend the day with my own special set of girlfriends. Actually, I spend most of my Valentines helping other people out. My college org, Ateneo Celadon, has a Rose Sale every year where we sell roses and do haranas. We sell roses on the spot (for about 2-3 days) and we also take orders for roses and deliver them, and there is an extra payment if you want your special one to be sung to. We even do Anonymous orders. It’s really a fun time. We get to help other people out, and we have fun with each other while we’re doing the activity. Many of us get pricked in the process since we end up segregating the roses and individually packing them with baby’s breath into their own plastic. It’s a tiring job.

Well, a few days ago, my close friend texted me to tell me that she signed me up for SPEED DATING at one of the other college orgs at school. My initial reaction was “Whaaaat the?!”, but when I told another good friend of mine about it, she happily told me that she’ll accompany me and participate in it as well. Its not really something that my friend (who signed me up) required me to attend, but upon seeing the concern for my “love-life” over the past few months, as well as her enjoyment at signing me up for something so ridiculous, I couldn’t say no. Plus, my not attending meant that my other friend wouldn’t have a companion to attend the Speed Dating with, which would make me a really bad friend. So there.

I wonder if this will be a memorable February. I already launched the February with *ahemamazingahem* events, like bonding with some friends at a small college party, getting overly tipsy and barfing after, doing something unexpected while in my tipsy stupor, waking up (amazingly) ahead of the rest of my family and forcing myself to go back to sleep because I hated the smell of alcohol on me. Haha. So far, a fun February ahead. But this is only the calm before the storm of things I know will get me really stressed out for the rest of the month.


7 comments on “First of February

  1. i’ve always thought valentine’s day was way overrated. why wait for feb14 to be this uber-sweet guy running for the title of mr. perfect boyfriend? why not just be one the entire year?

    being single isn’t that bad a thing. for one, i’ve been single for the past i dunno, six, seven months after my three-year-old relationship that went suddenly kaput. it’s… a new experience, this hole in my existence and life that i’m quite coming to terms with. we’ll see how i fare this month eh?

    and don’t look down on yourself if you’re the N+1 wheel, where N is an even number, in a crowd. the right person *will* come along and after X years, even if the relationship went bad, you’ll look back and say with a smile that yep, the wait was worth it. 😀

  2. I agree with arc on this one (and apparently, so does my mom.XD). Valentines is way overrated in that chivalry and romance should not be limited to just one day.

    and believe me, don’t worry if Mr. “the one” hasn’t knocked on your door yet. of all the people I’ve talked to recently, they’re all thinking of putting things on hiatus in the meantime. go out and make lots of friends now. finding that someone will come eventually if you look in the right places. matagal pa naman yung “virtual deadline”, diba?XD

  3. @Arc: True, but I believe that the “season” of V-day gives some people the courage to do things they don’t normally do. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a good thing, but at least~ Haha

    Awwww..and thanks. 🙂 It’s probably just the season that’s getting to me.

    @Patts: Thanks Patts. *hug* I think it would just feel nice to be with a special someone, esp during this holiday diba? 🙂

  4. @christa – life *is* better if you’re with a special someone, period.

    but honestly, i’d prefer to have a special someone sticking by you while truckloads of manure are flying all over, stinking up the air and falling on you rather than during this so-called season with its air thick with the scent of flowers sacrificed on the altar of materialism. now *that*, is lurrvve XD

    you’ll find err. no. the right guy for you will COME ALONG. but till then, be happy christa. 😀

  5. @Arc: Nice comparison. 🙂 Friends are the best companions in life, which is why I’m spending mine with my friends! XD

    Awwwwwww thanks so much. I’m still young, so the right guy has a lot of time to find me. Thank you thank you.. *hug*

  6. you know what’s better than your usual run-of-the-mill friends? friends that you have grown to love. and you know what’s better than that? friends you love that love you back in the same way. XD

    note, when i say love i didn’t mean your usual ‘just-friends’ love. i was referring that kind of love that would make one decide to spend one’s entire life with that person s/he loves.

    (i dunno what to call that kind of love – not eros, most likely – so i just chuck it under the category ‘love’. and heck, i don’t even know if i made sense back there XD)

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