Lunar New Year

Last Monday ushered in the Lunar New Year, this year’s Year of the Ox. As always, the lunar new year brings about the abundance of red, ang pao’s and other commonly seen decorations throughout malls and schools alike. As usual. there was a hustle and bustle about my org (the Ateneo Celadon), since Lunar New Year means only one thing for us, Celadon Week. 🙂 It was a busy day, with a lot of preparations being administered, putting up of tents and such. Also, there was a lot of requirements needed for school that day, which meant that I had of course gone to school without much sleep.

Despite the Lunar New Year now over, there is still much to do. As a friend of mine was saying, Chinese are lucky (esp in countries like the Philippines with both strong Western influence and many Chinese) because we get to start over 2x, during the Gregorian New Year and the Lunar New Year. Haha. In case some promises we made during the New Year aren’t fulfilled, we always have the opportunity to start over again come Chinese New Year. As well, it is a double celebration for many who firmly believe in the passing of another “new year” and the welcoming in of another Chinese Zodiac. This year, we welcome in the Year of the Ox. The ox, or 牛(niu in pinyin, pronounced as nyu/new) is the second of the 12 animals that arrived at the Jade Emperor’s palace in Chinese Myth. Many say the year of the Ox is a good year since the ox symbolizes hard work and perseverance. Hopefully, it means that the coming year will prove to be fruitful for those who work hard at what they will be (or are) doing.

We must all work hard this year, even if we aren’t under the sign of the Ox. I’m a dragon (and a Scorpio) so I’m naturally rebellious and stubborn, but this year will prove to be a tough year since I will be facing my fourth year of college and thesis-making *dundundun*. So hard work and perseverance really is required of me. Best wishes to everyone for the Lunar New Year. Kiong Hee Huat Cai (in Fukien)!


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