Wishes for the 44th President of the US

As of right now, Barack Obama has just finished his inaugural speech. I’m very much amazed at this former Presidential candidate, now the 44th president of the United States of America. Last year, in my Political Science class, our professor whole-heartedly advertised this presidential candidate as he was beginning his ascent to winning the presidential elections. He had a distinctive voice, alluring and griping. Listening to the way Barack Obama speak, one cannot help but feel the depth of his words and actions. I find it really amazing. This is surely a turning point not only in the history of the United States, but in the history of the world. This is a turning point for a nation that leads and affects other nations. This is a day that shall be remembered throughout history.

Around the world, people are praying and hoping that President Obama will be able to fulfill, to the best of his abilities, his promise to his nation and to the world. His dreams, ambitions, goals, are not only for himself but for the future. This man, who has shown a great deal of promise, a great deal of talent, a great mind will be able to lead the world into a better future and lift the US from its current financial crisis. I pray that this man, not lose his desire for a better future, not lose the will to get up when he is struck down, not lose the love for his family and nation, not lose the trust of the people, and not lose to any problems that may plague the world.

Today. We welcome a new president to the United States. And with it, the hope and dreams of billions. The world wishes you the best, President Barack Obama.

You may refer here for a copy of President Obama’s speech.


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