A friend’s Fully Booked Spotlight

After a tiring day at school, I arrived home to find out some very good news. My (substitute) teacher from HS and very good friend Ms. Aileesa Lim just won this week’s Fully Booked Spotlight Review with her review on Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach. Congratulations Ms Lim. Honestly, I’m quite proud of this teacher of mine. Back in High School, she was never my teacher for class though she substituted for a number of my classes when some of my English teachers weren’t available. She is a wonderful educator and friend, and someone you can honestly talk to about things, without fear of communication problems. Ms Lim is a wonderful speaker and writer, and I believe she has the talent to make it big someday.

Being a writer, Ms Lim has written numerous reviews for books and magazines during her spare time. She even got picked to help review movies for this movie awarding ceremony (one of the more famous ones though the name escapes me now) sometime last year (or was it last last year). Among all the writers, only a few of them were picked and she was the only Filipino, and if I remember correctly, the only Asian. I am quite proud of this teacher of mine, really. What makes me even more happy that despite this being a small thing, Ms Lim will be able to buy more of the books she loves to read. She always has interesting insights to her blog entries, her reviews, and her takes on everyday experiences that really makes her an excellent teacher, even outside of the classroom.

Congratulations Ms. Lim. 🙂


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