Time Traveling

Recently, I’ve been time traveling. I mean that in the figurative sense of course. Last night, I finished watching V for Vendetta, which talks about an alternate future in Britain, in which the government watches everything that the people do and leaves no room for the voicing of one’s opinion. It reminds me a lot of Martial Law in the Philippines, and how the voice of the people weren’t heard properly, for fear that government would come out and attack those who spoke out. The end was actually quite touching, and made me a bit teary-eyed because it reminded me a lot of People Power (Edsa1) and how the military couldn’t shoot down the people who had gathered to rebel against the government. It was really beautiful. Ironically though, it reminds me of an incident which occurred just the other day in the Philippines, in regards to a squabble between some government officials and some citizens. It’s just sad how the government, which is suppose to protect us, ends up hurting us instead.

Also, I just finished a DVD which was a gift to me by a close friend of mine, the movie is entitled Somewhere in Time and stars Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. This movie literally tackles time traveling, as the main character travels back in time (by means of tricking his mind) to meet a girl he fell in love with (via her picture). Beautiful movie, and I love the costumes they wore and the courteous manner in which they all spoke during the 1912. A bit lacking in the end, but a lovely movie nonetheless.

I’ve been reading up on a lot of my old poetry on deviantart again, and it’s made me reminisce a lot on the things I used to do when I was a little bit younger. All the poems and themes I wrote of, it was all just a little bit nostalgic. In many ways, what I wrote before applies to a lot of things I’ve been doing recently, most of which I shouldn’t have done had I been in the right state of my mind. But still, it doesn’t hurt to look back and think about what I did before and what I’m doing now and how it all relates to me. Hm. An insight! Haha, this would please my Philosophy professor a lot. It just goes to show that everything in life is connected I guess, making it seem as if we were time-traveling, in our thoughts or actions or words.


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