Christmas Day!

Another Christmas is done, or well, is almost done for most of us. After the gift-giving and gift-receiving, it’s time for all of us to once again pack away the gifts we’ve received and clean up the gift wrappers strewn across the floor. Time once again to store gifts that are too precious to parade on our desks, or old gifts that need replacing; it’s time to wave good-bye to another Christmas season. For me though, I still owe a lot of gifts to friends of mine whom I wasn’t able to shop for pre-Christmas because of all the last minute mall-goers, as well as requirements for school. Some gifts are already wrapped and waiting to be given come school time, and some still need some wrapping (due to my procrastination). Okay, I digress again. Haha.

All that rushing for that one single day of Christmas is over. As my brother handed out the gifts to our family this Christmas, I noticed one thing, the number of gifts we all have received have dwindled. It could be in light of harder times, and it could also be due to the breaking of some traditions (opening gifts before Christmas XD) and it could also be because we’re all growing up. I mentioned this observation to my mom who told me, it’s because younger kids get bigger gifts while older kids get smaller (but more useful) gifts. Also, as we get older, our wants and needs are harder to satisfy, and thus many people resign to simply giving other people…money. Still, despite the smaller number of gifts, I’m very thankful for what I received this Christmas.

It shouldn’t be because of the number of gifts we receive during Christmas, or the “size” of the gift (bigger gifts does not equate to better presents). What I’m thankful for this Christmas is that everyone who gave me gifts thought long and hard about what to get me. It’s always the thought that really counts. Sometimes, we receive gifts from people we don’t expect will give us gifts. In my case, someone gave me a gift last year and this year, and I really didn’t expect that person to give me such thoughtful gifts. There’s really something about the Christmas season and the Christmas spirit that makes Christmas a wonderful season. After all the stressfulness of having to look for gifts every year, Christmas Day just makes that all seem worthwhile. 😉

Merry Christmas again to everyone!

Do leave comments below.

What gifts did you receive this Christmas that fell under your wishlist? 🙂


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