5 days to go till Christmas~

Today I was able to get a heck load of sleep, which was about more than 12 hours of straight sleep. I guess it was enough to make-up for the loss of sleep I got over the weekend and over the last week of school. I’m quite happy actually. I didn’t expect to get many gifts, especially not gifts that fell under my Christmas Wishlist 2008, but I did! Usually Christmas is a time of giving, instead of receiving, but it doesn’t help that receiving gifts helps a person feel happy once again. 🙂 Thank you to all my friends who’ve given me gifts so far. The best gift I can receive from you is simply you guys being there with me as I try to live my life to the fullest, and without regret. But you guys have given me so much more, so thank you!


Bookmarks for the many books I have!

Purple Notebook

Cute purple notebook!! Gaaaaah! ❤

Earrings + Chinese manga

Earrings + Manga/Book translated into Mandarin!

Cellphone case

A cat-designed cellphone case! 🙂 CUUUUUTE.

Also, some other gifts I received were an awesome China Olympics notebook from my Mainland Chinese friend, lip gloss from TheFaceShop from my blockmate, a cute bunny cellphone pendant from my classmate,  a cute red box to hold my little things from my orgmate, and a cute jewelry box with pearl earrings from Rustans from my good friend since elementary. Thank you everyone.

5 days more till Christmas!


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